Aychek: description and reviews about the Aychek glucometer

About 90% of people diagnosed with diabetes have type 2 diabetes. This is a widespread disease that medicine can not yet overcome. Given the fact that even in the days of the Roman Empire, an ailment with similar symptoms was already described, this disease exists for a very long time, and scientists came to understanding the mechanisms of pathology only in the 20th century. And the message about the existence of type 2 diabetes actually appeared only in the 40s of the last century - the postulate about the existence of the disease belongs to Himsworth.

Science has made, if not a revolution, then a serious, powerful breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes, but until now, having lived for almost a fifth of the twenty-first century, scientists do not know how and why the disease develops. So far, they only indicate factors that will "help" the disease manifest. But diabetics, if such a diagnosis is made to them, certainly should not despair. The disease can be kept under control, especially if there are assistants in this business, for example, glucometers.

Description of the meter Ai Chek

The Icheck glucometer is a portable device designed to measure blood glucose. This is a very simple, navigation-friendly gadget.

The principle of the apparatus:

  1. The work of technology based on biosensor technology is based. The oxidation of sugar, which is contained in the blood, is carried out by the action of the enzyme glucose oxidase. This contributes to the emergence of a certain current strength, which can reveal the glucose content by showing its values ​​on the screen.
  2. Each pack of test bands has a chip that transfers data from the bands themselves to the tester using encoding.
  3. Contacts on the strips do not allow the analyzer to come into operation if the indicator strips are not inserted correctly.
  4. Test strips have a reliable protective layer, so the user can not worry about a sensitive touch, do not worry about a possible inaccurate result.
  5. The control fields of the indicator tapes after absorbing the desired dose of blood change color, and thereby the user is informed about the correctness of the analysis.

I must say that the Aychek glucometer is quite popular in Russia. And this is also due to the fact that within the framework of state medical support, people with a diabetic disease are given free consumables for this glucometer in a clinic. Therefore, specify whether such a system operates in your clinic - if so, then there are more reasons to buy Aychek.

Tester Advantages

Before buying this or that equipment, you should find out what advantages it has, why it is worth buying it. The bio-analyzer Aychek has many significant advantages.

10 advantages of the Aychek glucometer:

  1. Low price for strips,
  2. Unlimited warranty
  3. Large characters on the screen - the user can see without glasses,
  4. Big two buttons for control - easy navigation,
  5. Memory capacity up to 180 measurements,
  6. Automatic shutdown of the device after 3 minutes of inactive use,
  7. The ability to synchronize data with a PC, smartphone,
  8. Fast absorption of blood into Aychek test strips - only 1 second,
  9. The ability to derive the average value - for a week, two, a month and a quarter,
  10. Compactness of the device.

It is necessary, in fairness, to say about the minuses of the device. Conditional minus - data processing time. It is 9 seconds, which loses to most modern glucometers in speed. On average, Ai Chek competitors spend 5 seconds interpreting the results. But whether such a significant is a minus is up to the user to decide.

Other analyzer specifications

An important point in the selection can be considered such a criterion as the dosage of blood necessary for analysis. Owners of glucometers call some representatives of this technique “vampires” among themselves, since they require an impressive blood sample to absorb the indicator strip. 1.3 μl of blood is enough for the tester to make an accurate measurement. Yes, there are analyzers that work with an even lower dosage, but this value is optimal.

Technical characteristics of the tester:

  • The interval of measured values ​​is 1.7 - 41.7 mmol / l,
  • Calibration is carried out on whole blood,
  • Electrochemical research method,
  • Encoding is carried out with the introduction of a special chip, which is available in each new packet of test bands,
  • The weight of the device is only 50 g.

The package includes the meter itself, auto-piercer, 25 lancets, a chip with a code, 25 indicator strips, a battery, a manual and a cover. Warranty, once again it is worth making an accent, the device does not have it, since it is knowingly indefinite.

It happens that test strips do not always come in the configuration, and they need to be purchased separately.

From the date of manufacture, the strips are suitable for a year and a half, but if you have already opened the packaging, then they cannot be used for more than 3 months.

Carefully store strips: they should not be exposed to sunlight, low and very high temperatures, moisture.

The price of the Aychek glucometer is on average 1300-1500 rubles.

How to work with the gadget Ay Chek

Almost any study using a glucometer is carried out in three stages: preparation, blood sampling, and the measurement process itself. And each stage goes according to its own rules.

What is preparation? First of all, these are clean hands. Before the procedure, wash them with soap and dry. Then do a quick and light finger massage. This is necessary to improve blood circulation.

Sugar Algorithm:

  1. Enter the code strip into the tester if you have opened a new strip packaging,
  2. Insert the lancet into the piercer, select the desired puncture depth,
  3. Attach the piercing handle to the fingertip, press the shutter button,
  4. Wipe off the first drop of blood with a cotton swab, bring the second to the indicator field on the strip,
  5. Wait for the measurement results,
  6. Remove the used strip from the device, discard it.

Lubricating a finger with alcohol before puncturing or not is a moot point. On the one hand, this is necessary, each laboratory analysis is accompanied by this action. On the other hand, it’s not difficult to overdo it, and you will take more alcohol than necessary. It can distort the results of the analysis downward, because such a study will not be reliable.

Free Ai Check Maternity Glucometers

Indeed, in some medical institutions, Aychek testers are either given out to certain categories of pregnant women for free, or they are sold to female patients at a substantially reduced price. Why is that? This program is aimed at preventing gestational diabetes.

Most often, this ailment manifests itself in the third trimester of pregnancy. The fault of this pathology is hormonal disruptions in the body. At this time, the future mother’s pancreas begins to produce three times more insulin - this is physiologically necessary to maintain optimal sugar levels. And if the female body cannot cope with such a changed volume, then the expectant mother develops gestational diabetes.

Of course, a healthy pregnant woman should not have such a deviation, and a number of factors can provoke it. This is the patient’s obesity, and prediabetes (threshold sugar values), and genetic predisposition, and the second birth after the birth of the firstborn with a high body weight. There is also a high risk of gestational diabetes in expectant mothers with diagnosed polyhydramnios.

If the diagnosis is made, expectant mothers must definitely take blood sugar at least 4 times a day. And here a problem arises: not such a small percentage of expectant mothers without due seriousness relate to such recommendations. Quite a lot of patients are sure: diabetes of pregnant women will pass by itself after delivery, which means that conducting daily studies is not necessary. “Doctors are safe,” say these patients. To reduce this negative trend, many medical institutions supply expectant mothers with glucometers, and often these are Aychek glucometers. This helps to strengthen the monitoring of the condition of patients with gestational diabetes, and the positive dynamics of reducing its complications.

How to check the accuracy of Ai Chek

To establish whether the meter is lying, you need to make three control measurements in a row. As you understand, the measured values ​​should not differ. If they are completely different, the point is a malfunctioning technique. At the same time, make sure that the measurement procedure follows the rules. For example, do not measure sugar with your hands, on which the cream was rubbed the day before. Also, you can not conduct research if you just came from a cold, and your hands have not yet warmed up.

If you do not trust such a multiple measurement, do two simultaneous studies: one in the laboratory, the second immediately after leaving the laboratory room with a glucometer. Compare the results, they should be comparable.

User reviews

What do the owners of such an advertised gadget say? Non-biased information can be found on the Internet.

The Aychek glucometer is one of the most popular sugar meters in the price segment from 1000 to 1700 rubles. This is an easy-to-use tester that needs to be encoded with each new series of strips. The analyzer is calibrated with whole blood. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on the equipment. The device is easy to navigate, data processing time - 9 seconds. The degree of reliability of the measured indicators is high.

This analyzer is often distributed in medical institutions of Russia at a reduced price or completely free of charge. Often, certain categories of patients receive free test strips for it. Find out all the detailed information in the clinics of your city.

Features of the Icheck glucometer

Many diabetics choose Aychek from the famous company DIAMEDICAL. This device combines particular ease of use and high quality.

  • Convenient shape and miniature dimensions make it easy to hold the device in your hand.
  • To obtain the results of the analysis, only one small drop of blood is required.
  • The results of a blood sugar test appear on the instrument’s display nine seconds after blood sampling.
  • The glucometer kit includes a piercing pen and a set of test strips.
  • The lancet included in the kit is sharp enough that allows you to make a puncture on the skin as painlessly and easily as possible.
  • The test strips are conveniently large in size, so it is convenient to install them in the device and remove them after the test.
  • The presence of a special zone for blood sampling allows you to not hold a test strip in your hands during a blood test.
  • Test strips can automatically absorb the required amount of blood.

Each new test strip case has an individual encoding chip. The meter can store 180 of the latest test results in its own memory with the time and date of the study.

The device allows you to calculate the average value of blood sugar for a week, two weeks, three weeks or a month.

According to experts, this is a very accurate device, the results of the analyzes of which are almost the same as those obtained as a result of laboratory testing of blood for sugar.

Most users note the reliability of the meter and the ease of the procedure for measuring blood glucose using the device.

Due to the fact that a minimum amount of blood is required during the study, the blood sampling procedure is carried out painlessly and safely for the patient.

The device allows you to transfer all the obtained analysis data to a personal computer using a special cable. This allows you to enter indicators in a table, keep a diary on a computer and print it if necessary to show the research data to a doctor.

Test strips have special contacts that eliminate the possibility of error. If the test strip is not correctly installed in the meter, the device will not turn on. During use, the control field will indicate if there is enough blood absorbed for analysis by a color change.

Due to the fact that the test strips have a special protective layer, the patient can freely touch any zone of the strip without worrying about violation of the test results.

Test strips are capable of literally absorbing all the blood volume needed for analysis in just one second.

According to many users, this is an inexpensive and optimal device for daily measurement of blood sugar. The device greatly simplifies the life of diabetics and allows you to control your own health status anywhere and anytime. The same flattering words can be awarded to a glucometer and a check mobile phone.

The meter has a large and convenient display that displays clear characters, this allows the elderly and patients with vision problems to use the device. Also, the device is easily controlled using two large buttons. The display has a function for setting the clock and date. The units used are mmol / liter and mg / dl.

The principle of the glucometer

The electrochemical method for measuring blood sugar is based on the use of biosensor technology. As a sensor, the enzyme glucose oxidase acts, which carries out a blood test for the content of beta-D-glucose in it.

Glucose oxidase is a kind of trigger for the oxidation of glucose in the blood.

In this case, a certain current strength arises, which transmits data to the meter, the results obtained are the number that appears on the display of the device in the form of analysis results in mmol / liter.

Icheck Meter Specifications

  1. The measurement period is nine seconds.
  2. An analysis requires only 1.2 μl of blood.
  3. A blood test is carried out in the range from 1.7 to 41.7 mmol / liter.
  4. When the meter is used, the electrochemical measurement method is used.
  5. The device memory includes 180 measurements.
  6. The device is calibrated with whole blood.
  7. To set the code, a code strip is used.
  8. The batteries used are CR2032 batteries.
  9. The meter has dimensions 58x80x19 mm and weight 50 g.

Icheck glucometer can be purchased at any specialized store or ordered in the online store from a trusted buyer. The cost of the device is 1400 rubles.

A set of fifty test strips for using the meter can be purchased for 450 rubles. If we calculate the monthly costs of test strips, we can safely say that Aychek, when used, halves the cost of monitoring blood sugar levels.

The Aychek glucometer kit includes:

  • The device itself for measuring the level of glucose in the blood,
  • Piercing pen,
  • 25 lancets,
  • Coding strip
  • 25 test strips of Icheck,
  • Convenient carrying case,
  • Battery,
  • Instructions for use in Russian.

In some cases, test strips are not included, so they must be purchased separately. The storage period of the test strips is 18 months from the date of manufacture with an unused vial.

If the bottle is already open, the shelf life is 90 days from the date of opening the package.

In this case, you can use glucometers without stripes, since the choice of instruments for measuring sugar is really wide today.

Test strips can be stored at temperatures from 4 to 32 degrees, air humidity should not exceed 85 percent. Exposure to direct sunlight is unacceptable.

Details about the advantages and disadvantages (+ photo).

I am a type 1 diabetic with an experience of 3 years, during this time I have tried several glucometers. As a result, the choice fell on iCheck, as the best value for money. Its advantages and disadvantages are as follows.

one.The price of test strips. Price, price and again price. Cheaper strips are only for the Satellite, but lancets are not included in the kit, and the quality of the measurements of the Satellite causes a lot of complaints. The price of packing 100 test strips + 100 lancets for iCheck is only 750 rubles.

2. Lancets - come complete with strips. No need to buy separately, everything is included, so to speak.

3. Lancets are standard and fit many piercers.

4. Easy calibration. It is calibrated once on all strips of one series with one number. Just insert the attached chip with the number into the meter and you're done!

5. Large numbers on the display.

6. Tenacious. Dropped from a considerable height on the tile - just scratched.

7. Measures plasma concentration, not whole blood. According to recent studies, the concentration of glucose in plasma precisely reflects glucose.

8. Quality measurements. Compared with AccuCheck Performa - the results coincide within the margin of error.

9. 50-year lifetime warranty. And no less important, no repair, in case of failure, will be replaced (this was specified by the distributor).

10. There are suggestions when you buy 4-6 packs of strips, and the meter is free.

1. The measurement time is 9 seconds, some have less (5 seconds). But this does not bother: while he measures, you just have time to remove the used lancet from the piercer.

2. Lancets are large. When you fall asleep a pack of 25 pieces in the pocket of the case, it swells a little. But for such a price it’s a sin to complain. The same AccuCheck Performa has lancets of the revolver type - drums for 6 needles, but they cost a lot.

3. A simple piercer. Although it suits me, and if you want, you can get others, it's inexpensive.

4. A simple LCD display, very minimalistic. But, in fact, what is needed from the meter, except tsifiri (there is a memory for past results).

5. Large strips, bast shoes. But for me this is not essential.

6. Perhaps the only real drawback is that you need a little blood, but still more than expensive glucometers (for example, the same AccuCheck Performa). If there is not enough blood to apply, the result will be underestimated. It is decided by habit and accuracy, at such a price the strips are not bad.

7. Not common in ordinary pharmacies. You can’t just run to the pharmacy at night and buy strips. But, since I am procuring for the future, this does not bother me.

Total. I bet 5, because iCheck suits me completely for the price and quality. And whatever the price - a solid four. Optimal for those who want to live with diabetes happily ever after, tracking their sugars well, but don’t want to pay a lot for a cool brand like AccuCheck (strips are 2-2.5 times more expensive, not counting lancets, which are also very expensive).

Yakov Schukin wrote 10 Nov, 2012: 311

Let me welcome everyone.
I have OneTouch Verio.
Two pieces. I use it very rarely.
Like very design. Especially the one that is cherry colored.
My strips are free.

Vladimir Zhuravkov wrote 14 Dec, 2012: 212

Hello, forum users!
I have 3 glucometers:
Accu-Chek Active New (Accu-Chek Active), Manufacturer Roche (Switzerland) - purchased first, on the advice of a doctor (I get free test strips for it).

Since there are not enough free strips, the question arose of purchasing a second glucometer with cheap consumables. Opted for iCheck, Manufacturer Diamedical (UK). This meter has the lowest measurement price on the Russian market - 7.50 rubles, with the highest European quality. New economical packaging 100 test strips + 100 disposable lancets cost 750 rubles. in the store TestPoloska http://www.test-poloska.ru/.

In our clinic free test strips for Accu-Chek Active New (Accu-Chek Active) are not always available, so the other day I bought it one device: Contour TS (Contour TS), Manufacturer Bayer (Germany), 614 rubles. in the pharmacy Rigla. There are almost always free strips for it. (The price of strips in stores is from 590 to 1200 rubles). By the way, this device does not require coding at all, it is impossible to make a mistake with a chip or an encoding strip.

For all three glucometers, test strips are valid, after opening the package, before the end of the term indicated on the package (for many others, no more than 3 months), this is probably true for those who measure SK 1-2 times a week.

Maybe I was just lucky, but when measuring with all three devices at the same time, the results coincide 100%.

Of the shortcomings noted:
Akku-Chek has no sound signal of readiness for measurement and the end of measurement.
The Contour TS has very small test strips in size, they are not very convenient to get out of the pencil case.
By iChek do not give out free test strips.
I personally did not find other shortcomings :-):

In addition to free test strips per month, I spend no more than 1000 rubles.

I wish you all Happiness and Good Health!

Misha - wrote 12 Jan, 2013: 211

Good day! I have a One touch select meter. After correspondence with regional and federal authorities for six months, and then two more, tests are issued in 50 pieces. in month I’ll keep silent about the municipal authorities, as there was absolutely no understanding on their part for providing test strips. 50 pcs. in a month, it’s certainly less than what is required by the standard, but it’s good even so. Considering the social disability benefit, tests in large quantities did not work out in large quantities. I note that after the adoption of municipal health care institutions into state ones, i.e., the transfer of powers to the regions, the situation improved, and officials seemed to become a little more attentive to people's needs. But without appeals to the governor, too, could not have done.

Irina wrote 13 Jan, 2013: 220

Vehicle circuit - one was presented at the hospital, the second was bought for children. garden and just in case a fireman (there was already a case when she accidentally took the meter to work, when she left a child with her grandmother). Very accurate. Remarkably it is possible to achieve compensation, beats with the laboratory of the hospital.
A sore point is the test strips that you have to buy. On them in state. pharmacy strips do not happen. In a month 3-4 thousand rubles. leaves.
I also like Accu checks. During the week I tested different models. Compare with the Contour. One sister is a diabetic. 2 were in girls in the hospital. And compared with a doctor. The difference is 0.2-0.5. Good blood glucose meter.
What words to call one touch ultra easy no words.
but on it we are given free test strips of 50 pcs. per month.
For this reason, and bought
Yes, and I heard positive reviews about him
there is no error as such. the difference relative to the contour is from 0.5 to 4. and each time is different.
threw it in the trash yes sorry for the money
At the end of January we go to the hospital.
and Kontur and one touch I take with me to the hospital
After I will share the results

Marina Conscientious wrote 13 Jan, 2013: 214

I have been living with diabetes for even less than a year, but for some reason I first heard about the fact that they give out strips or devices. Took for granted what needs to be acquired.
I have one Accu-Chek Active meter. I buy test strips in a specialized pharmacy for 620 r 50 pcs, although they can be found in an ordinary pharmacy for more than 800 rubles .. Judging by the general pricing policy, they are not so expensive.
Judging by the reports, there are no complaints about this model, but I would like to know more precisely how it behaves during frosts? It is not very convenient that the date and time settings are reset from low temperature. And which devices from this point of view behave stably?
But in general, the device suits me, while I don’t take off

Elena Volkova wrote Jan 15, 2013: 116

And yet about glucometers.

Good night everyone. I only discovered type 2 diabetes a month ago. I was given a glitch in the hospital. I like OneTouch Select. But there is nothing to compare. I read all the comments on this topic and I had a question: what does the result mean by blood or by plasma and how to translate the result? Now I don’t know what numbers to get to know. How to check the glucometer in the laboratory if the result is blood, but I have the plasma? I apologize for the “stupid” questions, but I have no one to ask yet, I’m going to the doctor 17 January. Thank you.

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If you decide which meter to buy, then you are here ● Glucometer Aychek ICheck ● Features ● Application experience

Glucometer iCheck Aychek I had to buy during pregnancy. This need was caused by the diagnosis of GDM (gestational diabetes mellitus) after a glucose tolerance test. In addition to a diet that excludes fast carbohydrates, the doctor insisted on a daily measurement of glucose levels before and after meals (after 2 hours).

When choosing a glucometer, I was initially guided by the price of the device itself. At that moment, there was an action in the network of Classics pharmacies and it was possible to purchase the Accutchek glucometer for just 500 rubles. But, having estimated how much you have to spend on consumables, test strips, I changed my mind about buying it. Comparing the cost of the test strips, the choice fell on the iCheck Aychek glucometer.

In 2015, I bought it for 1000 rubles. in a pharmacy near the house. Oddly enough, but the price there for almost 2 years has not changed. You can buy a glucometer on the Internet. Prices in the range of 1100-1300 rubles. Without consumables - 500-700 rubles.


Box, detailed instructions, storage bag.

Blood glucose meter. Very simple design.

It has only two buttons M and S. Using M, the device turns on, it allows you to view data in memory, and participates in setting the date and time. Using the S button, the device turns off, it sets the date and time. Also with its help you can clear the memory.

The meter has a large LCD display with large numbers. At the bottom there is a slot for installing a test strip. On the side there is a hole for connecting a cable for a PC. A 3-volt lithium battery lives behind the lid. The manufacturer assures that it should be enough for 1000 measurements.

★ You can select the unit of measurement: mmol / l or mg / dl.

★ Memorizes 180 measurements with time and date.

★ Can calculate the average glucose level for 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeks.

★ Reports sound that is too low or too high. signal and the inscriptions "Hi" and "Lo".

★ Has the ability to connect to a PC to transfer data. But the cable for these purposes must be purchased separately. Software is also required.

Lancet device. It is a piercer. Its use is simple: unscrew the upper part, insert the lancet, remove the protection, screw on the upper part, cock the device by pulling out the gray thing from behind. All you can get blood, for which we apply a piercer to the side of the fingertip, and then press the gray button. On the unscrewed part there are special marks for selecting the puncture force. If the skin on the finger is rough, you need to choose a deeper puncture.

Lancets. These are plastic "sticks" with a needle inserted into a piercer. Top they have a protective cap.

Test strips. They are stored in a special tube, at the bottom of which there is a moisture-absorbing layer. After removing the strip, you need to close the lid as quickly as possible to avoid damping of the rest. If you do not follow this rule, you can spoil them and get incorrect results.

After opening, the shelf life of the test strips is 90 days.

Coding strip. It contains information about each batch of test strips. His photo will be slightly lower.



● First you need to wash your hands with soap and warm water, wipe them dry. Dry is straight dry. So the slightest moisture will dilute the blood and the result will be underestimated.

In the instructions for the device, as well as on diabetic sites, it is not recommended to wipe the finger with alcohol, because it

Massage your finger a little for a rush of blood.

● Next, charge the piercer with a lancet, set the puncture force, cock up.

● Then we take out the test strip, quickly close the tube. Insert the strip into the meter as shown in the photo below. In this case, the unit automatically turns on, which is very convenient. Important: when you turn on the display should be the inscription "OK" and the icon of a blinking drop of blood. The appliance is ready for use.

● Puncture your finger. Massaging it, squeeze a drop of blood. In the instructions to the meter, not a word about this, but other sources advise wiping the first drop, and use the second one for analysis. I don’t know where the truth is, but I still take the second drop.

It is also important: one should not "milk" a finger too intensely, since in this case intercellular fluid may be released, which will dilute the blood.

● The test strip has a hole on the right. Here we apply our drop to it. In no case should it be smeared on a strip — the blood itself is “sucked in” by the capillary.

● Then the meter starts to “think”. At the same time, dotted lines flash on the screen. And finally, after 9 seconds, the result appears.

Glucometer coding.

Talking about the composition of the set, I mentioned the coding strip. This beast is needed for coding and calibration of the meter. Without fail, this is done at first use, as well as before applying a new package with test strips. As soon as you run out of strips, you need to throw out not only the tube from under them, but also the strip - it is no longer needed. Each new packaging of test strips has its own strip. Before starting the measurement, insert this strip into the strip slot. Thus, the meter is encoded for a new batch. If this is not done, the measurements will be incorrect.

After installing a new strip, a code appears on the display that must match the code on the strip and tube.

In my opinion, I talked about the main points. How to set up the meter is described in great detail in that green book. I’ll keep silent about this, otherwise it will be similar to the instruction manual. Therefore, I smoothly turn to personal experience.


To begin with, I want to give a table of blood glucose values ​​normal, with diabetes and prediabetes (moderators, left photo of mine).

As already mentioned above, I was diagnosed with GDM. I had to do daily measurements. And so on until the birth. Fasting with sugar has always been all right. But after eating after 2 hours - not always. At that time I did not write reviews and, unfortunately, my records with the results were discarded but I didn’t even see that there was a place for notes in the instructions.

Why did I actually start talking about recordings? And the fact that at that moment I did not really figure out what was happening and misinterpreted my results. It's all about calibrating the meter. Glucometer iCheck Aychek

And this means that you need to compare your measurements not with the norm of 3.5-5.5 mmol / l, but with 3.5-6.1 mmol / l. For the concentration of glucose in plasma is higher than in whole blood. Of course, there are other limits for pregnant women, but the problem is the same - I did not know all the subtleties. Maybe she was upset because of the results in vain sometimes. And the doctor has never clarified this item on the calibration of my meter.

The instructions for Aichek have a plate for translating plasma results into blood results and vice versa:

In other words, the result obtained using the iCheck Aychek glucometer should be divided by 1.12 to get the result on whole blood. But I think that doing this is completely optional. After all, you can simply compare with the corresponding plasma standards.

As an example below, my glucose measurements for one day. Red numbers are the results of calculating values ​​for whole blood. It seems like, everything fits into the standards for both plasma and blood.

Is he lying or not lying? That is the question.

To answer this question as accurately as possible, you need to compare the meter readings with the laboratory results. But that is not all! Ideally, it would not be superfluous to acquire a special control solution of glucose. It is applied to the test strip instead of blood. Then the indicator is compared with the norms on the tube.After that, we can already conclude whether the meter / test strip is broadcasting the truth or lying, like Munchausen. And with a calm soul, arrange a battle between the apparatus and the laboratory.

In my city, pharmacy workers did not hear about such a miracle as this solution. In the internet it can be easily found. However, with delivery it will cost about like a new packaging of test strips. Seeing this, a toad came to me, and together with her we decided that we did not need it at all. Therefore, I am not 100% sure of my glucometer. Sometimes it seems to me that he is lying a little. But these are just my speculations, not confirmed by iron facts. In addition, each meter has a legitimate right to an error of 15-20%. So that.

But I still did an experiment. In the morning on an empty stomach, she measured the glucose level at home, then she also went to the laboratory on an empty stomach. Here are the results. Do not pay attention to the date and time on the display. They are not configured.

And here is what we have: the result of the glucometer test is 5.6 mmol / l, the laboratory result is 5.11 mmol / l. Differences, of course, are, but not catastrophic. Here it is necessary to take into account the possible error of the meter, as well as the fact that the measurements were carried out simultaneously. From the moment of home measurement I managed to wash, get dressed, walk to the stop and from the stop to the laboratory. And this is some kind of activity after all. In addition, a walk in the fresh air. All of this could easily affect a decrease in blood glucose.

As a result, the experiment showed that even if my meter is lying, it’s within reason. In any case, independent measurements are only an additional way of control. Periodically, you need to donate blood for sugar in the laboratory. In addition to glucose analysis, I donate blood for glycated hemoglobin for the second time. This is much more informative.

Hemoglobin is found in red blood cells that carry oxygen molecules to organs and tissues. Hemoglobin has a peculiarity - it irreversibly binds to glucose by a slow non-enzymatic reaction (this process is called the terrible word glycation or glycation in biochemistry), and glycated hemoglobin is formed as a result.

The hemoglobin glycation rate is higher, the higher the blood sugar level. Since red blood cells live only 120 days, the degree of glycation is observed over this period.

In other words, the degree of “candiedness” is estimated for 3 months or what average daily blood sugar level was for 3 months. After this time, the red blood cells gradually update, and the next indicator will reflect the sugar level over the next 3 months and so on.

I have it 5.6% (the norm is up to 6.0%). This means that the average concentration of sugar in the blood over the past 3 months is approximately 6.2 mmol / L. My glycated hemoglobin is approaching the normal range. Therefore, it is entirely possible that when I suspect a blood glucose meter is overrated, I do it in vain. It is worth reconsidering your love of sweets



● The most important plus-budget test strips for me. Packing 50 test strips + 50 lancets costs 600-700 rubles. And the aforementioned Akkuchek is almost twice as expensive. And this price is only for 50 strips without a lancet.

I still, "sitting" on maternity leave and not working yet, periodically buy strips for self-control, so their cost is a priority for me.

● Easy to use. I have nothing to compare with, but there is nothing complicated in using this meter. Especially when daily measurements are already taking place on the machine.

● Everything you need to measure sugar is already included.

● Quite quickly getting the result - 9 seconds. Of course, if you compare the waiting time with the same Akchekom (5 sec.), Then Aychek looks like a complete brake. But to me personally, this difference does not seem so significant. What 5, what 9 seconds - an instant. So yes, that's a plus.

● Plasma calibration. Due to the fact that most laboratories give plasma results, this is a plus - no need to suffer with translation.

● Simple coding. Yes, I know that there are glucometers that do not require coding at all. Here it is, but very simple - inserted a strip and that's it.

● Reliable measurement method - electrochemical.

● Unlimited manufacturer's warranty. Pleasant and creepy at the same time - I will die, and the meter is still under warranty. I personally have not seen this before.


● Here I will record my periodic suspiciousness regarding the results of measurements.

In general, I recommend the iCheck Aychek glucometer at least yes for me it's crucial for budget test strips. As for possible errors, this is a problem for famous devices. So why overpay for a brand?

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