CardioActive Omega

  1. Composition and form of release
  2. The properties
  3. Instructions for use
  4. Indications and contraindications

Dietary supplements or simply dietary supplements are gaining more and more popularity every year. They are not medicines, they are completely natural, they have no side effects and very few contraindications. With all this, many believe that they are very effective. They help in the complex therapy of various ailments and are a wonderful prophylactic against organ diseases and for their general tone. In this article, we will take a closer look at Cardioactive Omega 3 from the pharmaceutical company Evalar, the leader in Russia in the production of dietary supplements. This company has been actively working on the Russian market and in the CIS countries for twenty-five years, all of its products are certified, have many awards and are distributed mainly through a branded Internet resource.

Composition Cardioactive Omega and release form

Supplements are available in two forms:

    In the form of capsules. In one package, 30 capsules each containing 1000 mg of fish oil.

  • In the form of an effervescent drink. There are 10 separate sachets in a box, in each such bag 1334 mg of microencapsulated fish fat.

  • The bubbly drink consists of:

    • carrier potato starch
    • an antioxidant citric acid
    • sucrose
    • microencapsulated fish oil,
    • identical to natural flavors - banana, orange, apricot,
    • silicon dioxide and sodium bicarbonate - anti-caking agents,
    • sodium sorbate preservative,
    • food coloring
    • Sucralose sweetener.

    The capsule preparation consists of:

    • glycerin and gelatin, which are thickeners,
    • salmon fish oil from the Atlantic Ocean - the main component.

    According to the manufacturers, the product in the form of a drink is absorbed and absorbed faster, has a pleasant taste of fruits from the tropics, without any aftertaste of fish, it is easier to take than large capsules. In turn, in the capsules, in addition to the main component and thickeners, there is nothing more, which indicates its greater naturalness.

    Properties Cardioactive Omega 3

    Stresses emotional and physical, poor ecology and bad habits, hereditary diseases, exhaustion and many other factors affect the health of our heart. And this is the main organ, on the normal functioning of which the life of a person depends. That is why, his condition must be monitored, it must be protected and nourished with useful trace elements. The fat of the Atlantic salmon that this dietary supplement consists of has 35 percent omega-3. These polyunsaturated fatty acids:

      They are indispensable components of the structure of cardiac, vascular and brain cells.

    They act as a regulator of permeability, excitability and microviscosity of cell membranes.

    They exhibit strong activity as an antioxidant.

  • An excellent building material, with the help of which the active biological substances eicosanoids are formed.

  • In addition to polyunsaturated fatty acids, fish oil contains:

      Retinol (Vitamin A). It does not allow dry mucous membranes and skin, has a beneficial effect on the strength and beauty of nails and hair.

  • Vitamin D. It is used to prevent rickets, it helps bone tissue growth, absorption and penetration of beneficial minerals into the body.

  • Thanks to all this, the drug:

    • supports rheological blood properties,
    • tones up the bronchi and blood vessels,
    • improves the functional state of the entire cardiovascular system,
    • keeps blood pressure normal
    • keeps in perfect condition the composition of the mucous membranes,
    • monitors cholesterol, removing harmful,
    • boosts immunity
    • regulates the transmission of signals among nerve cells, which positively affects the activity of brain functions, the state of the retina and tissues of the heart muscle.

    According to many scientific studies, fish oil promotes the active production of the hormone of happiness and good mood - serotonin, therefore, its intake removes aggression, depression and irritability.

    By taking this dietary supplement, you will give your heart and the whole body more strength to maintain normal functionality even in stressful situations and in conditions of heavy physical exertion.

    Questions, answers, reviews on CardioActive Omega

    The information provided is intended for medical and pharmaceutical professionals. The most accurate information about the drug is contained in the instructions that are attached to the packaging by the manufacturer. No information posted on this or any other page of our site can serve as a substitute for a personal appeal to a specialist.

    Pharmacological properties

    Polyunsaturated fatty acids are included in the structure of the tissues of the cardiovascular system, circulatory system. They have the properties of normalizing the functioning of plasma membranes. And that means they provide metabolism, delivery of useful elements to cells, and the mutual action of membrane proteins. Also connective, energetic, receptor and enzymatic functions. They have a pronounced antioxidant activity, and take part in the formation of eicosaniodes, thromboxanes and prostacyclins. These substances are responsible for the rheological properties of blood. And in particular, they reduce viscosity, thrombosis, have the property of vasodilation and improve blood supply to tissues.

    Release form and composition

    CardioActive Omega-3 release forms:

    • capsules: gelatin, oval, oblong, light yellow (30 pcs. in a plastic bottle, in a cardboard bundle 1 bottle),
    • powder for the preparation of an effervescent drink: a loose mass of yellow color, has a fruity aroma (7000 mg each in a sachet, in a cardboard box of 10 sachets).

    1 capsule contains:

    • active substance: fish oil - 1000 mg, of which PUFA - not less than 350 mg,
    • auxiliary components: gelatin, glycerin.

    1 sachet contains:

    • active substance: microencapsulated fish oil - 1334 mg, of which PUFA - 400 mg,
    • auxiliary components: potato starch (carrier), sucrose, sucralose (sweetener), citric acid (antioxidant), flavorings - “Orange” / “Apricot” / “Banana” (identical to natural ones), sodium bicarbonate and silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent), food coloring, sodium sorbate (preservative).

    Special instructions

    CardioActive Omega-3 is not a medicine.

    The use of dietary supplements must be agreed with the attending physician.

    If hypersensitivity symptoms appear, the product should be discontinued.

    Patients observing a hypocaloric diet are advised to take into account that the caloric content of one capsule or sachet is 24.7 kcal, nutritional value: fats - 1.3 g, carbohydrates - 3 g.

    CardioActive Omega-3 Reviews

    In reviews of CardioActive Omega-3, users most often indicate the effectiveness of a dietary supplement, objectively assessing the functional state of the cardiovascular system and overall well-being before and after a course of administration.

    The pleasant taste of the effervescent drink and the convenience of its use are especially noted.

    Indications for use

    - KaryoAktiv is a biologically active additive (dietary supplement), which makes up for the deficiency of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the body. - Normalizes the activity of the heart, vascular and circulatory system. - Helps maintain adequate cholesterol in the blood stream. - Normalizes the activity of skin epithelium and hair follicles. - It is used in complex treatment for the prevention of various diseases.

    Features of use

    Although the active drug has practically no contraindications, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before starting a therapeutic course with CardioActive Omega. It is not recommended to use this biologically active supplement together with agents that include vitamin D in its composition so as not to cause a risk of hypervitamin diseases.

    Dosage and method of use

    Before starting a therapeutic course of CardioActive Omega, it is recommended that you carefully read the instructions for use. This dietary supplement is used in children over the age of fourteen and adult patients. The dose is: one capsule or one sachet daily, during meals. The duration of the therapeutic course is usually thirty days. After a while, as prescribed by the doctor, you can repeat the therapy. Using a powder form (sachet): The powder is dissolved in one glass of boiled water.

    Storage instruction

    This biologically active complex must be stored at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius. In a place protected from sunlight and not accessible to children and animals. Subject to storage rules, the shelf life is twenty-four months. If this period expires, the use of the drug is prohibited.

    There are many positive reviews about the drug. Many patients are grateful to note that the biologically active agent is produced in capsule form and in powder form, because the intake of fish oil is usually associated with quite unpleasant sensations.

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