Glucometer needles: price of a pen and lancet pen

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Types of lancets and their feature

Lanceolate needles are divided into two main categories, they are automatic and universal. Pens with automatic lancets independently determine the required level of depth of puncture and collect blood. The needles in the device are replaced and cannot be reused.

After making a puncture, the lancets are in a special compartment. When the lancets are over, the patient replaces the drum with needles. Some piercing handles, for safety reasons, only work when the needle touches the skin.

Automatic lancets are individually labeled, and may differ from each other, depending on the age of the patient and the type of skin. Such needles are very convenient to use, so they are in great demand among diabetics.

  • Universal lancets are small needles that can be used with almost any pen piercer that comes with the meter. If there are any exceptions, the manufacturer usually indicates this information on the packaging of supplies.
  • Some lanceolate needle models can be used to control the depth of puncture. For safety reasons, universal lancets are supplied complete with a protective cap.
  • Also, lancets for children are sometimes classified as a separate category, but such needles are in low demand. Diabetics usually acquire universal lancets for such purposes, since their price is much lower than in children. Meanwhile, the children's needle is as sharp as possible so that the child does not feel pain during the puncture and the area on the skin does not hurt after the analysis.

To facilitate blood sampling, lanceolate needles most often have the function of regulating the level of depth of puncture on the skin. Thus, the patient can independently choose how to deeply pierce a finger.

As a rule, a diabetic is provided with seven levels that affect the degree and duration of pain, the depth of entry into a blood vessel, and the accuracy of the indicators obtained. In particular, analysis results may be controversial if the puncture is not deep.

This is due to the fact that under the skin contains tissue fluid, which can distort data. Meanwhile, a minimum puncture is recommended for children or people with poor wound healing.

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Microlet finger lancets n200 instructions for use

Made of high quality surgical steel, trihedral (lance-shaped) sharpening

Ultra-thin needle diameter - 0.36 mm (28 G)

Protective cap on each lancet.

Sterile disposable lancets, universal, suitable for most piercers

Glucometer lancets are sterile needles that are installed in the pen piercer. They are used to pierce the skin on the finger to take the necessary amount of blood for analysis.

For which glucometers are Microllet lancets suitable?

First of all, for the analyzer Contour TS. An auto-piercer with the same name and the corresponding lancets are attached to it.

The user manual has repeatedly indicated: this tool is intended for use by only one person.

If you decide to share the meter with someone, this is a certain risk.

And, of course, lancets are disposable items, and in no case should you use a lancet twice with two different people.

How to get a drop of blood using the Lancet Microllet

Lancets Mikrolet 200 are considered to be one of the most painless blood collection needles. A sample is taken in seconds, the process itself gives the user minimal discomfort.

When you need to puncture only a finger

Microlet lancets are adapted to take blood from alternative locations.

But there are situations when biological fluid for research can be taken only from the finger.

When blood is taken for analysis exclusively from the finger:

• If you suspect that your glucose is low,

• If blood sugar “jumps”,

• If you are characterized by insensitivity to hypoglycemia - that is, you do not feel symptoms of low sugar,

• If the results of analysis taken from an alternative site seem unreliable to you,

• If you are sick,

• If you are under stress,

• If you are going to drive.

o Ultrathin - needle thickness - only 0.36 mm (28 G)

o Reduced scarring, improved healing.

o Reducing the degree of pain.

o Cross base - suitable for most automatic piercers

Lancets are used in finger pricking devices:

For which glucometers are Microllet lancets suitable?

Microlight needles are primarily compatible with Contour TS, Contour Plus, and Contour Plus One devices, to which the self-piercing device of the same name is attached.

The instructions say that the piercer should be used only by one person - otherwise this carries a certain risk of infection.

Special conditions

Even if only you yourself are the only user of the meter and the auto-piercer, try to take a new lancet every time, since the used one is no longer sterile.

Is it possible to take blood from alternative places with lancets?

Indeed, in some cases it is not possible to take a blood sample from a finger. For example, the fingertips are injured or too rough. So, musicians (of the same guitarists) get corns on their fingers, and this makes it difficult to take blood from the pillow. The most convenient alternative area is the palm. Only you need to choose a suitable place: it should not be a site with moles, as well as skin close to veins, bones and tendons.

The transparent tip of the piercer should be pressed firmly to the puncture site, press the blue shutter button. Press the skin evenly so that the required drop of blood appears on the surface. Start testing as quickly as possible.

You can not conduct further research if the blood coagulated, smeared on the palm of your hand, mixed with serum, or if it is too liquid.

A more complete instruction with individual notes on taking blood from alternative areas will be given to you by your doctor.

There are no difficulties - nevertheless, be careful. Be sure to dispose of used consumables. This is a potential source of infection, therefore it must be removed in a timely manner. Lancets, neither new nor already used, should not be in the children's access area.

Used for a modern, painless capture of capillary blood from patients

  • You can buy microlet lancets for piercing the n200 finger in Moscow in a pharmacy convenient for you by placing an order on Apteka.RU.
  • The price of microlet Lancets for pricking a finger n200 in Moscow is 311.00 rubles.
  • Instructions for use for Lancets microlet for pricking a finger n200.

You can see the nearest delivery points in Moscow here.

Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water to enhance the circulation of blood in your fingers.

Dry your hands to dry completely. Please read all steps in the instructions carefully.

How to pierce a finger:

• Take the auto-piercer so that the thumb is in the recess for gripping, then move the tip away from the top down.

• Turn the lancet's round protective cap a quarter of a turn, only until you remove the cap.

• With some effort, insert the lancet into the piercer until a loud click is heard, so the structure will be placed on the cock. To cock, you can still pull and lower the handle.

• The needle cap can be unscrewed at this point. But do not throw it away right away, it is still useful for the disposal of the lancet.

• Attach the gray adjustable tip to the piercer. The position of the rotary part of the tip and the applied pressure on the puncture zone affect the depth of the puncture. The depth of puncture is regulated by the rotary part of the tip itself.

How to make a skin puncture:

• Press the tip of the piercer tightly against the fingertip, with your thumb, press the blue release button.

• With your other hand, with some effort, walk your finger in the direction of the puncture site to squeeze a drop of blood. Do not squeeze skin near the puncture site.

• Start the test using the second drop (remove the first with cotton wool, it contains a lot of intercellular fluid that interferes with reliable analysis).

If there is not enough drop, the meter indicates this with a sound signal, on the screen you can see the image is not fully filled strip. But still try to use the right dosage right away, because adding biological fluid to the strip sometimes interferes with the purity of the study.

How to remove a lancet from a piercer

The device must be taken with one hand so that the thumb falls on the grip recess. With the other hand, you need to take the rotary zone of the tip, carefully separating the latter. The round needle protection cap should be placed on the plane with the logo facing down. The needle of the old lancet must be fully inserted into the center of the round tip. Press the shutter release button, and without releasing it, pull the cocking handle. The needle will fall out - you can substitute a plate where it should fall.

How is blood sugar measured?

Previously, laboratory analysis was needed to determine this indicator, but today it is performed by small mobile devices called the glucometer.

There are various models of these devices, which are based on different principles of blood glucose analysis. However, any of them has a special device for taking blood from a patient. The sample is sent to the analyzer sensor (or pre-applied to the test strips), and the result is displayed (in most modern models).

Finger pricking devices

Two options are used: a separate pen on interchangeable needles or an independent automatic blood sampling device. In both cases, modern glucometers require the use of disposable needles of a special design.

They are often called lancets. Automatic models are produced in the form of small cylindrical plastic products. A needle is attached to the lower end of the product, which can be further covered by a cap. Separate needles are also available in an individual plastic case.

Blood sampling lancets are widespread due to their advantages:

minimal pain

the presence of many sizes,

complete safety when used properly.

What are the lancets?

There are three types of lancets:universal, automatic children.

Universal lancets. Convenient in that they can be used with any brand of modern blood glucose meters. A universal lancet is inserted into the handle for pricking a finger and is adjusted for a specific patient. Thus, discomfort and pain are minimized.

Automatic lancets. They are a technically more advanced product. They have a very thin needle that does not leave marks on the skin after blood sampling. To use the machine does not need a separate handle. Blood sampling is carried out automatically when you click on the head of the product.

Children's models. In such models, the needles are distinguished by the most sharp sharpening, designed for minimal pain. Due to the technological complexity of producing such sharp needles, the price of children's lancets is much higher than usual.

How to choose a lancet for blood sampling?

First of all, one should not navigate the recommendations in the instructions for the meter. With rare exceptions, the analyzer does not care how the test sample was obtained. Therefore, you can carry out the fence with any lancet. You only need to consider two points:

If it is a universal needle, it should fit the handle you have.

How should blood be delivered to the device? There are models where this happens automatically through a special apparatus, to which only a certain group of lancets fits.

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