Instructions for sannuo meter

In the wake of a general diabetic panic (at least in our city the level of diabetes people up to 40 years has increased significantly), I also decided to purchase a blood glucose meter for myself and my family. Watching advertising on TV, went to a pharmacy for a branded device, prices were significantly higher than in the online store.

Chose an affordable and the number of positive reviews. Of course, I had to wait a bit, but as it turned out, the Chinese electronic gadget YIZHUN GA-3 SANNUO blood glucose meter is no worse than its other contemporaries, and the price is much cheaper.

First impressions

I was looking forward to this popular gadget. I did not have to wait long. The box is cardboard, the device has come intact, neat, corresponds to the declared external characteristics. Small, light, very comfortable. The weight is only 200 grams, and the size is 160/112/50 mm with a good wide 100 pixel screen, the result will be visible even to older people. The body is made of hard plastic. Although the strength has not yet tested. As with any technique, the main thing is not to drop it and it will work for a long time. It was pleasantly pleased with the quality capacious zippered leatherette case, both for the device itself and for the necessary measuring accessories.
When ordering, the availability of official 3C certification became attractive.

Buy a gadget in 2017 with such quality is nice. Calibration is automatic, standard blood test time is 5.8 seconds. Stores up to 250 results in memory. The kit also includes 50 needles, 50 lancets, strips. The disadvantage was the instruction in Chinese, but if you already decided to buy a novelty gadget, be prepared for this. The user, who holds the device for measuring blood sugar in his hand for the first time, will need enough time to deal with it, step-by-step pictures will not be enough. I personally helped additional instructions on the Internet.

Testing the new gadget YIZHUN GA-3 SANNUO

Glucometer in the work was trouble-free. For fun, I tried it all over the whole family. It is very simple to use the device: press the power button. The test strip is inserted on top. A beep indicates the beginning of the analysis and its end, after which the result appears. The error is low - from 0.3 to 1 unit, compared with the device neighbor - a nurse. Although it is difficult at home to determine whose unit "sins." The device requires only two ordinary batteries. The quality of the Chinese product is surprisingly worthy. Agreed that this is a useful home gadget

For the two-week use of the functioning defects, I did not find. Obviously not related to the section of fakes, but we read the latest, most popular information about gadgets and knew how to approach the choice. Of course, the meter is not for professionals, but for home use is quite suitable. As a result, everyone was happy with the purchase: family, relatives, and even guests.

Chinese glucometer Sannuo: indications and instructions

  • Stabilizes sugar levels for long
  • Restores insulin production by the pancreas

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In the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus of the first and second type, in addition to taking sugar-lowering medications, adherence to therapeutic diets, a complex of physical procedures and physical exercises, it is necessary to control blood sugar levels.

To this end, it is recommended to purchase a special measuring device that can be easily used to test blood for glucose at home. Also, such devices can be taken with you to work or travel.

Today, the market for medical products for diabetics presents a wide range of various devices, the price of which differs, depending on the functionality, design and equipment. The cheapest in cost and at the same time relatively high-quality is considered to be Sannuo blood glucose meter from China.

Analyzer Description

Despite the fact that Sannuo blood glucose meter from a Chinese company is inexpensive, it is a fairly accurate and convenient measuring device with the most essential functions for a diabetic.

The analyzer has a convenient and simple control, for testing you need to get one small drop of blood. The results of the diagnosis of blood sugar can be seen on the display of the meter after 10 seconds.

Buyers are offered a different set of equipment - with a set of test strips and lancets or without consumables. The seller offers to choose the desired option on the online store page. Accordingly, the price without related products is much lower, but it is more profitable for the buyer to purchase goods in full set than in the future to additionally order test strips and needles for a lancet.

Measuring apparatus manufactured in China has the following advantages:

  • The device differs in ease and compactness, conveniently lies in a hand and does not slide.
  • Measuring blood sugar levels is quite fast, the diagnostic results are displayed on the analyzer screen after 10 seconds.

Glucometer Sannuo does not have complex functions, so it is perfect for both children and the elderly.

Features of the measuring device

The manufacturer offers several options for models with similar functionality. The standard model Sannuo AZ weighs 60 g, allows to obtain diagnostic results in the range from 2.2 to 27.8 mmol / liter.

For testing it is necessary to obtain only 0.6 ml of blood. The device is able to save up to 200 recent measurements, and also provides an average value for a week, two weeks and 28 days.

A blood test is performed for 10 seconds, after which you can hear a beep and the received data is displayed on the instrument display. The measuring device is considered accurate by 90 percent, that is, the error is 10 percent, which is quite a bit for such portable devices. There are more well-known expensive models from famous manufacturers, the error of which reaches 20 percent.

The test strip automatically absorbs the biological material after applying blood to the test surface. After two minutes of inactivity, the meter automatically turns off. Food is carried out from one battery like CR2032.

Operation of the device is allowed at a temperature of from 10 to 40 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of 20-80 percent.

The kit of the measuring device includes:

  1. The device itself for measuring blood sugar,
  2. Pen piercer,
  3. A set of test strips in the amount of 10 or 60 pieces,
  4. Additional lancets in the amount of 10 or 60 pieces,
  5. Case for storing and carrying the device,
  6. Instructions in Chinese.

Instrument Manual

Despite the fact that the attached instruction is only in Chinese, a diabetic can easily figure out how to use the device in terms of a schematic depiction of a step-by-step diagnostic process.

The first step is to wash your hands with soap and how to wipe them with a towel so that they are dry. At the piercer, the cap is unscrewed and a sterile lancet is installed.

The protective cap is removed from the needle, which should be put aside and not thrown away. The lancet puncture depth is selected individually, depending on the skin thickness - from 1 to 6 levels.

  • The test strip is removed from the case and installed in the socket of the device. The placenta needs to press the start button, after which the analyzer will start. Depending on the model, the device may require coding.
  • With the help of a lancet, a small puncture is made on the pad of the finger. The test strip is brought to the resulting drop of blood, and the surface will automatically absorb the desired amount of the biological sample. After a few seconds, the results of the study can be seen on the meter screen.
  • After measuring the sugar, the lancet needle is removed from the pen, closed with a cap, and disposed of.

Used test planes are also thrown away, their repeated use is unacceptable.

Where to buy a measuring device

Chinese-made glucometer is openly sold to all stores in China. Residents of Russia can order such devices on the Internet by accessing the page of a medical goods store. Usually analyzers are purchased at a well-known Aliexpress store, where you can wait for discounts and it is profitable to buy an electronic device.

Diabetics are offered several models of blood glucose meters Sannuo - AZ, ANWENCODE +, Anwen, YIZHUN GA-3, the product has a different design and the presence of additional functions. The average price of the apparatus for measuring blood sugar levels is 300-700 rubles.

Also, users are invited to buy a set of consumables, which includes 50 test strips and 50 lancets. The cost of this configuration is about 700 rubles.

In general, it is a very convenient and high-quality blood glucose meter at a low price, which is suitable for home use for diabetics. It can also be used as a preventive measure for the early detection of diabetes.

The video in this article describes the Chinese-made blood glucose meter Sannuo.

  • Stabilizes sugar levels for long
  • Restores insulin production by the pancreas

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