How to quickly lower cholesterol

Cholesterol is the fat-like compound that is present in all cellular membranes of the body. Component deficiency is undesirable for humans, but an excess leads to serious complications, as cholesterol plaques appear in the vessels.

Blood vessels clogged with plaques are not only a threat to health, but also a patient’s life, as coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, hemorrhagic stroke, renal failure and other chronic diseases develop.

In patients with diabetes mellitus, the risk of circulatory disorders in the lower extremities increases dramatically, leading to problems with the skin, trophic ulcers and other diabetic complications.

Let's figure out how to treat cholesterol at home quickly and effectively? What methods will help to normalize cholesterol level without the use of drugs?

Norm cholesterol in the blood

According to the official recommendations of the European Society of Atherosclerosis (in the West it is a very respected organization), the “normal” levels of fatty fractions in the blood should be as follows:
1. Total cholesterol is less than 5.2 mmol / l.
2. Low density lipoprotein cholesterol - less than 3-3.5 mmol / l.
3. High-density lipoprotein cholesterol - more than 1.0 mmol / l.
4. Triglycerides - less than 2.0 mmol / l.

How to eat to lower cholesterol

It is not enough to simply abandon the products that cause the production of "bad" cholesterol. It is important to regularly use products containing monounsaturated fats, omega-polyunsaturated fatty acids, fiber, pectin, to maintain the normal level of "good" cholesterol and help remove excess "bad".

• Useful cholesterol is found in fatty fish like tuna and mackerel.
Therefore, eat 100 g of sea fish 2 times a week. This will help keep the blood in a liquefied state and will not allow blood clots to form, the risk of which is very high with elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood.

• Nuts are very fatty foods, but the fats that are contained in a variety of nuts are mostly monounsaturated, that is, very good for the body. It is recommended to eat 30 grams of nuts 5 times a week, and not only hazelnuts and walnuts can be used for medicinal purposes, but also almonds, pine nuts, Brazil nuts, cashews, pistachios. Perfectly increase the level of healthy cholesterol sunflower seeds, sesame and flax. You eat 30 grams of nuts by eating, for example, 7 walnuts or 22 almond kernels, 18 cashew tricks or 47 pistachios, 8 Brazil nuts.

• From vegetable oils, preference is given to olive, soybean, linseed oil, and sesame seed oil. But in any case, do not fry in oils, but add them to the prepared food. It is also useful to simply eat olives and any soy products (but make sure that the package says that the product does not contain genetically modified components).

To remove the "bad" cholesterol, be sure to eat 25-35 grams of fiber per day.
Cellulose is found in bran, whole grains, seeds, legumes, vegetables, fruits and greens. Bran drink on an empty stomach for 2-3 teaspoons, be sure to drink them down with a glass of water.

• Do not forget about apples and other fruits that contain pectin, which helps remove excess cholesterol from blood vessels. A lot of pectin in citrus, sunflower, beet, watermelon peel. This valuable substance improves metabolism, removes toxins and salts of heavy metals, which is especially important in unfavorable environmental conditions.

• To remove excess cholesterol from the body is indispensable juice therapy. Fruit juices are especially useful orange, pineapple and grapefruit (especially with the addition of lemon juice), as well as apple. Any berry juices are also very good. From vegetable juices, traditional medicine recommends potent beet and carrot juices, but if
your liver works imperfectly, start with a teaspoon of juice.

• Green tea, which kills two birds with one stone, is very useful for high cholesterol - it helps to increase the level of “good” cholesterol in blood and reduces the “bad” indicators.
Also, in consultation with the doctor, it is good to use mineral water in the treatment.

An interesting discovery was made by British scientists: 30% of people have a gene that increases the amount of "good" cholesterol. To wake up this gene, you just need to eat every 4-5 hours at the same time.

It is believed that the use of butter, eggs, lard significantly increases the level of cholesterol in the blood, and it is better to refuse to use them altogether. But recent studies prove that the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver is inversely related to the amount that comes from food. That is, synthesis increases when there is little cholesterol in food, and decreases when there is a lot of it. Thus, if you stop eating foods that contain cholesterol, it will simply start to form in large quantities in the body.

To maintain cholesterol levels in the normal range, first of all, give up on saturated and especially refractory fats contained in beef and mutton fat, and also limit the consumption of butter, cheese, cream, sour cream and whole milk. Remember that "bad" cholesterol is found only in animal fats, so if your goal is to lower cholesterol in the blood, then reduce animal intake. With chicken and other birds, always remove the oily skin, which contains almost all cholesterol.

When you boil meat or chicken broth, after cooking, cool it and remove frozen fat, since it is this refractory type of fat that causes the greatest damage to the vessels and increases the level of "harmful" cholesterol.

The probability of earning atherosclerosis is minimal if you:
• cheerful, in trouble with yourself and the people around you,
• do not smoke,
• do not enjoy alcohol,
• love long walks in the fresh air,
• do not suffer from overweight, you have normal blood pressure,
• do not have hormonal abnormalities.

Lipa to lower cholesterol

A good recipe for high cholesterol: take powder of dried linden flowers. Grind in a coffee grinder lime flowers into flour. 3 times a day to take 1 tsp. such a lime flour. Drink a month, then a break of 2 weeks and another month to take a linden, drinking it with plain water.
At the same time follow a diet. Every day there are dill and apples, because there is a lot of vitamin C in dill and pectins in apples. All this is useful for vessels. And it is very important to normalize the work of the liver and gall bladder to normalize cholesterol levels. To do this, take two weeks, making a break for a week, infusions of choleretic herbs. These are corn stigmas, immortelle, tansy, milk thistle. Every 2 weeks to change the composition of the infusion. After 2-3 months of use of these folk remedies cholesterol returns to normal, there is a general improvement in well-being.

Beans will lower cholesterol.

Cholesterol can be reduced without problems!
It is necessary in the evening to pour half a glass of beans or peas with water and leave overnight. In the morning, drain the water, replace it with fresh water, add baking soda at the tip of a teaspoon (to prevent gas formation in the intestine), cook until ready and eat this amount in two doses. The course of reducing cholesterol should last three weeks.If you eat at least 100 grams of beans per day, the cholesterol content is reduced by 10% during this time.

Alfalfa will bring out "bad" cholesterol.

One hundred percent remedy for high cholesterol is the leaves of alfalfa. It is necessary to be treated with fresh grass. To grow houses and, as soon as sprouts appear, to cut them is. You can squeeze the juice and drink 2 tbsp. 3 times a day. The course of treatment is a month. Alfalfa is very rich in minerals and vitamins. It can also help with diseases such as arthritis, brittle nails and hair, and osteoporosis. When the cholesterol level becomes normal in all respects, follow a diet and eat only healthy food.

Flaxseed to lower cholesterol.

Lower the level of harmful cholesterol by using flaxseed, which is sold in pharmacies. Constantly add it to the food you eat. You can grind it in a coffee grinder. The pressure will not jump, the heart will be calmer, and at the same time the work of the gastrointestinal tract will improve. All this will happen gradually. Of course, food should be healthy.

Ways to reduce blood cholesterol without pills

The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, a change in diet, because the lipid balance of our blood depends on the foods we eat. But we begin this important conversation not with a diet, but with physical activity. Just making friends with sports and regularly finding time for simple and enjoyable activities, you can significantly improve your health.

The most serious danger is not a high level of LDL, but its combination with a low level of HDL. Therefore, a simple revision of the diet is not enough to remedy the situation - it will be necessary to add physical activity.

How to increase the level of "good" cholesterol and reduce the level of "bad" with the help of physical activity?

Cardiologists and fitness trainers reveal the secrets of good health and reliable protection against cardiovascular diseases:

Aerobic activity helps to cope with bad cholesterol, especially running. When a person makes a monotonous rhythmic movement in the open air for a long time, a steady, slightly quickened pulse is set. At the same time, the oxygen entering the blood ensures the gradual burning of fatty deposits, including bad cholesterol inside the vessels. He simply does not have time to linger and settle in the form of dangerous atherosclerotic plaques. It is proved that professional LDL runners in the blood burns up to 70% faster than people who do not play at all,

Human muscles must constantly be in good shape, this prevents bad cholesterol from doing its own “black deed”. Therefore, even older people who have a large excess of weight and complex health problems should, by all means, give themselves adequate physical exertion: walk in the fresh air, ride a bicycle, delve into the garden. The longer a person lies on the bed, indulging in apathy and bad mood, the sooner the day will come when he will not be able to get out of this bed at all,

Studies by Western cardiologists show that in elderly patients who take a forty-minute walk in the fresh air every morning, the risk of sudden death from heart attack and stroke is reduced by half - by 50%! It is only important to ensure that the pulse in an elderly person does not increase during walks by more than 15 beats from the physiologically normal value.

If the male, and especially the female figure begins to resemble an apple, this is a signal to think about health. The waist girth of an adult man should not exceed 94 cm, the adult woman should be 84 cm. The normal ratio of waist girth to hip girth in men is not more than 0.95, in women - not more than 0.8. In other words, if your stomach is almost thicker than your hips, it's time to sound the alarm and lose weight!

Step One: Quitting Smoking

The detrimental effect of smoking on health lies not only in the clogging of lungs with tar and the development of persistent nicotine addiction. Regularly buying cigarettes, a person buys sterility, impotence and cancer for his own money. The whole body is gradually destroyed: the brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, blood vessels. There is no such organ or type of tissue that would not be adversely affected by smoking. Not only that: modern cigarette manufacturers are doing everything to make their products as cheap as possible. This means that the natural tobacco in a pack is less than half, all the rest is chemical additives, flavors, essential gums and carcinogens.

Tobacco tar is the strongest carcinogen. Scientists have conducted experiments that showed that if the rabbit's ear was smeared with tobacco tar several times, a cancer could develop in this place a few months later. And on humans, tobacco carcinogens act just like animals!

Step Two: The Right Approach to Drinking Alcohol

Extremes rarely benefit, and the attitude of a person towards alcohol is no exception. Alcohol abuse is very harmful: in addition to the formation of persistent dependence and the loss of moral character, alcoholism leads to the gradual destruction of the brain, liver, kidneys and blood vessels. But a complete abandonment of alcohol is an omission of natural possibilities, since high-quality alcohol in small doses has a beneficial effect on the composition of blood and the cardiovascular system.

The advice of doctors on this score is contradictory: someone threatens with a green snake, and someone calls for rejecting obscurantism and drinking moderately. This is fashionable, but human history is a much more serious indicator than the momentary mood of the medical community lobbied by drug and alcohol manufacturers. Countries where an integral part of the culture is the use of good wines and spirits, demonstrate higher rates of life expectancy, and not such depressing statistics of mortality from cardiovascular diseases, as in Russia. Take the same France, Spain, Portugal or Scotland with her love of good whiskey.

So how much should you drink to lower your bad cholesterol? For this, 50 ml of strong alcohol or 200 ml of dry red wine per day is enough. No less and no more. For our mentality, these are ridiculous numbers: it is believed that once you drink, so drink. But the correct culture of drinking does not imply the desire to grow drunk, but the metered use of good alcohol at lunch or dinner to improve digestion and enrich the blood.

Step three: green tea instead of coffee

If health basically allows you to drink drinks containing caffeine, then let it be not coffee, but natural green tea. It contains flavonoids, which contribute to the splitting of LDL, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and capillaries and increase HDL levels. It is important to learn how to properly brew this drink, and how to use it properly. Green tea should not be strong and bitter, and it is recommended to arrange tea drinking no more than twice a day, and in the first half of the day.

Step Four: Juice Therapy

Natural organic acids contained in freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices effectively dissolve bad cholesterol, and therefore are the fastest and most effective way to cleanse blood vessels at home. Juices are also a delicious source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and just a good mood. They heal, rejuvenate, help fight excess weight, cellulite and atherosclerosis, improve the complexion, quality of nails, skin and hair. Therefore, buying a convenient, high-tech juicer is a reasonable investment in your health and the health of your family.

The five-day course of cleansing blood vessels from bad cholesterol using fresh juices is carried out according to the following scheme:

1st day: 130 ml of carrot juice + 70 ml of juice from celery stalks,

2nd day: 100 ml of carrot juice + 70 ml of cucumber juice + 70 ml of beet juice, settled in the refrigerator for 2 hours to remove unwanted substances,

3rd day: 130 ml of carrot juice + 70 ml of apple juice + 70 ml of juice from celery stalks,

4th day: 130 ml of carrot juice + 50 ml of cabbage juice,

Step Five: Fish Oil and Coenzyme Q10

Regular intake of fish oil significantly improves the performance of C-reactive protein in the blood, the so-called CRP. There are two more essential amino acids for human health: DHA and EPA, which can be artificially increased.

According to the American Heart Association, a daily intake of 2-4 grams of DHA and EPA reduces triglycerides to the physiological norm, and even one gram of these amino acids per day is enough to protect against the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

How to provide yourself with essential amino acids? For example, you can take coenzyme Q10 at a dosage of 90 mg / day. This will allow you to increase the levels of DHA in the blood by 50% over several months. However, keep in mind that taking statins (drugs that reduce the level of LDL) together with coenzyme Q10 is undesirable, because in this combination coenzyme is worse absorbed.

Step Six: Rejection of Trans Fat

Trans fats are a real catastrophe of modern times, because they represent the bad cholesterol in its pure form, moreover, they are found in almost all finished products: confectionery, fast food, sausages and sausages, margarine and mayonnaise. Whatever we bought in the store, wanting to save time on cooking, we get trans fats, which are deposited on the walls of our vessels.

Studies show that if you reduce the daily calorie intake by only 1% by eliminating trans fat, you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by half!

Just remove from the menu 2 grams of trans fat, subtract only twenty (but the most harmful) from two thousand kilocalories and you will make yourself the best gift.

When buying ready-made products in the store, carefully read the information on the label. If it says that the product does not contain trans fats, in practice this means that it is less than 0.5 g per serving. And yet - under the terms "saturated" or "hydrogenated" hides all the same trans fat that threatens us with diabetes, heart attack, stroke and cancer.

Step Seven: Taking Magnesium

Endothelial cells lining our vessels from the inside cannot effectively repel LDL molecules if they lack magnesium. The deficiency of this valuable mineral leads not only to an increase in the level of bad cholesterol, but also to the development of migraine, muscular and heart weakness, angina pectoris and ischemia.

In people suffering from migraine all their life, the frequency and severity of attacks is reduced by 40% with regular use of vitamin-mineral complexes enriched with magnesium.

If you are diagnosed with magnesium deficiency, it is recommended to start taking it at a dosage of 250 mg per day, and best of all in combination with calcium, since these trace elements are better absorbed and bring more benefits. It is recommended to add fatty fish, whole grain bread, pumpkin seeds and germinated wheat grains to the diet - these are the best natural sources of magnesium.

Step Eight: Reduce Sugar Intake

Much has been said about the dangers of white sugar, but do you know how much its excessive consumption aggravates the situation with a high level of bad and low levels of good cholesterol?

Studies have shown that if the glycemic index of food consumed is reduced from 61 to 46, then it is possible to raise the level of HDL cholesterol in the blood by 7% in a week.

It is also important that the sharp jumps in blood sugar levels arising from the intake of large doses of simple carbohydrates, increase the stickiness of red blood cells, that is, thicken the blood and provoke the formation of blood clots. Therefore, if you want to protect yourself from atherosclerosis and thrombosis, reduce sugar intake or discard it altogether, replacing, for example, natural honey.

Step Nine: Take Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is called the solar vitamin: for example, within one day of being on the beach, our skin cells are produced from 10–20 thousand M.E. this valuable substance, but even residents of sunny, warm regions suffer from vitamin D3 deficiency. According to various estimates, 60 to 80% of the population in our country need vitamin supplements in order to keep their vascular, skin and bones in good condition until old age.

Previously it was believed that vitamin D3 should not be taken in large doses, because then it can have a toxic effect on the body.

But more recent studies show that at least 500 M.E. Vitamin D3 per day allows you to reduce the level of CRP, a protein indicator of bad cholesterol, by an average of 25%. Some patients simultaneously increase the level of HDL. In general, vitamin D3 surplus reduces the risk of a person developing all the dangerous diseases leading to death.

You can provide yourself with an important vitamin in a natural way: for example, in a glass of whole cow's milk there are about 100 M.E., and in a hundred grams of salmon fish - 675M.E. Keep in mind that taking vitamin D3 in capsules or tablets is contraindicated in people with severe kidney and thyroid dysfunctions, as well as in patients with sarcoidosis.

What foods lower blood cholesterol?

Some products contain phytosterols, natural styrenes, which effectively regulate the ratio of bad and good cholesterol in the blood. Knowing about your problems, you can enrich the diet with appropriate products, and normalize the lipid balance, without making almost any effort.

For example, if you eat 60 g of almonds daily, you can increase the HDL content by 6%, and at the same time reduce the LDL content by 7%.

It is recommended to soak the almonds at night and use it in the morning, on an empty stomach (4 pieces are enough), and you will get an amazing result.

The list of champions among products containing useful phytosterols (per 100 g of weight):

Germinated wheat grains - 400 mg,

Brown rice bran - 400 mg,

Pistachios - 300 mg,

Flax seeds - 200 mg,

Almonds - 200 mg,

Olive oil - 150 mg,

This nutritious fruit - the leader in the content of beta-phytosterol among all fruits and vegetables. Just one half of the average avocado, that is, seven tablespoons of pulp is enough to reduce the total level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood by 8% in three weeks and increase the level of good cholesterol by 15%.

Nuts and Seeds

All seeds and nuts are very rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which means they enrich our body with good cholesterol. Doctors recommend at least five times a week to pamper yourself with a handful of 30 g of your favorite nuts: wood, walnut, cashew, almond, Brazilian, pistachio. Seeds, especially flaxseeds, contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, so they should also be added to your diet, for example, as a savory seasoning for vegetable salads. Try sprinkling food with lightly roasted sesame and flax seeds - this will add flavor, decorate the dish, and at the same time help increase HDL levels.

What is cholesterol?

The subject compound is a lipid, which is a high molecular weight fatty alcohol. Cholesterol plays an important role for the human body. Thanks to this component, a normal metabolism is maintained, vitamins and hormones necessary for normal life are synthesized.

Only 20% of the total mass of cholesterol in the body comes from food. The remaining amount is produced by the liver, whose work also depends on it. The connection is important to maintain normal muscle and brain activity.

Lack of cholesterol leads to disruption of the production of sex hormones. The substance is contained in every cell of the human body, and not only in the vessels. Its concentration in the latter can have the effect of "accumulation". When lipid metabolism is disturbed, the level of this compound rises. The substance begins to change - to crystallize. When this happens, the component, which has changed its shape, begins to settle in the blood vessels. Most of all this property manifests itself in "bad" cholesterol, which has a low density.

Such accumulations in the vessels lead to the development of health problems. It can not be ignored. If you do not take any measures, the state will only worsen. In some cases, even death is possible. However, by adjusting your diet and turning to the means of traditional and alternative medicine, cholesterol can be reduced, and then, already having a clear idea of ​​the mechanism of action on it, to keep under control.

Cholesterol lowering foods

Among the healthy foods that help lower cholesterol, the menu should be present:

It occupies an unconditional championship in the category of products that normalize lipid metabolism. This nut contains a large amount of vitamin E, as well as antioxidants. Due to this composition, almond is a product that prevents the development of atherosclerosis.

Apples and Citrus

They contain a high concentration of pectin, and, once in the stomach, they form a viscous mass that removes excess cholesterol from the body even before it enters the bloodstream.

Known for its positive effects on the cardiovascular system and is recommended for use by those who suffer from the pathologies of these organs. It contributes to the rapid output of bad cholesterol, because it contains monounsaturated fats. Avocado demonstrates the greatest efficiency when cholesterol is at an average level, that is, it is not off scale.

Fatty Sea Fish

Mackerel, tuna, salmon contain a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, which have a positive effect on the human body and cannot be replaced by any other compounds. To maintain cholesterol at a normal level, it is necessary to eat at least 100 grams of marine oily fish weekly. This product protects the blood vessels from the formation of blood clots and does not allow the blood to thicken.

General recommendations

There are many websites and forums in which people share their experiences in lowering high cholesterol. Among them are those who receive a lot of positive feedback, where they write about the effectiveness of these techniques. Especially often you can find recommendations in which they write that it is necessary to use a large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, pectin, fiber. Foods rich in these beneficial compounds help to normalize cholesterol in the blood.

It is necessary to limit or completely abandon butter in favor of:

These vegetable oils should be consumed unrefined and not used for frying. They should be taken fresh, that is, as a dressing for salads and other dishes.

Cholesterol-boosting foods

To normalize cholesterol levels, you should completely remove fatty animal products from your usual daily menu:

Instead of animal fat, preference should be given to the vegetable oils listed above. In addition, it is useful to eat a variety of cereals, seeds, fruits, herbs, vegetables.

Prohibited white breads and sweet pastries, as well as eggs.Instead of the usual, you should eat whole wheat bread from wholemeal flour. Alternatively, you can take bran.

It is recommended to focus for food that is rich in fiber. Champions in this category of products are vegetables, among which preference should be given to green lettuce, beets and cabbage. In pharmacies and specializing in healthy food departments and stores fiber is sold in finished form.

Folk remedies for cholesterol

Before the advent of traditional medicine, there were many ways to avoid heart and vascular diseases, developing on the background of high cholesterol. In addition, there are prophylactic agents that allow timely prevention of lipid metabolism, as well as positively acting on the general condition of the body.

Here are some recipes you can use to fight high cholesterol:

  1. Infusionmade from valerian root, natural honey, dill seed, perfectly cleanses the blood vessels, soothes the nervous system and strengthens the body.
  2. Garlic oil It helps to lower even the level of cholesterol that goes beyond the limit. To prepare the tool is quite simple. Ten garlic cloves are passed through a press, and then pour 500 ml of olive oil. Insist the oil at least a week, and then used as a dressing for salads and other dishes.
  3. Alcohol tincture garlic is recognized to be quite effective and has many positive reviews as a means that reduces high cholesterol. It is prepared from three hundred grams of chopped peeled garlic and a glass of alcohol. Insist the composition in a dark place for 8-9 days.

Take the tool with a gradual increase in dosage. First, use 2-3 drops per day, and then bring the number to 20. Further, everyone does the opposite, that is, reduce the number to a minimum. In other words, the next day after consuming 20 drops, the tinctures gradually reduce their number to 2.

The total duration of the course is two weeks. During the first infusion is taken with an increase in dosage, and the second - with a decrease. To soften the effect exerted by the remedy, since it has a rather unpleasant taste, it should be consumed simultaneously with milk. It is recommended to repeat the course of treatment with garlic alcohol tincture no more than once every three years.

Often, in the fight against high cholesterol and apply a variety of medicinal herbs:

  1. Linden powder. This folk remedy is taken internally. It is made from lime blossom. In dried form, this raw material can be purchased at any pharmacy. Flowers are ground in a coffee grinder and they drink one teaspoon three times a day. The duration of treatment is thirty days. After a two-week break, therapy is resumed again, taking a powder drank a large amount of water for another month.
  2. Propolis tincture. Another effective cleansing blood vessels remedy. It is taken thirty minutes before meals. Dosage means 7 drops, which are diluted with two tablespoons of ordinary drinking water. The total duration of the reception of this tool is 4 months, during which an excess of cholesterol will be displayed outside.
  3. Yellowcum Kvass. This is an excellent folk remedy that helps get rid of high cholesterol. Yellowcone is sold in a pharmacy. In addition, this grass can be collected and do it yourself. The main thing is to properly prepare this drink. Kvass not only helps to clean the blood vessels, but also has a beneficial effect on memory, relieves irritability and headaches, and also normalizes pressure.
  4. Golden mustache. This herb is also used in the fight against high cholesterol. A golden whisker tincture can be used on a regular basis. It helps prevent further increase in cholesterol, that is, to keep its level under control.
  5. Tincture of calendula. This is another effective tool that will help solve the problem with the blockage of blood vessels. Her drink during the month three times a day for 25-30 drops.

It is not necessary to prepare any tinctures, there are herbs that can be used fresh. These include alfalfa. If there is no opportunity to collect it, you can try to grow a small amount of this grass yourself.


They are distinguished by a fast rate of elimination of excess cholesterol Among the positive properties of sequestrants, it should be noted that they block the absorption of fatty lipids through the stomach walls for a certain time.

Among the most popular and effective drugs in this group should be noted: Colestipol, Cholestyramine, Colestid.

These medicines are recommended to be taken only in consultation with a specialist, since they have a number of restrictions to receive. In addition, it is forbidden to use these drugs with other drugs.

They are derivatives of specialty fiber acids, which have a similar effect to nicotinic acid, but in a less pronounced and progressive form.

They are not medicines, but they are dietary supplements. They are not vitamins, but it is also impossible to rank them as food. Dietary supplements can be attributed to the intermediate option, but if you choose them correctly, they will not only improve health, but also normalize the concentration of cholesterol in the blood.

The most affordable biological supplement, which can be purchased at pharmacies, is fish oil. It comes in capsules, which makes it not so nasty reception. Its benefit lies in the content of a special acid that suppresses the production of low-density lipoproteins, that is, bad cholesterol.

Important recommendations

There are some simple tips to lower cholesterol at home:

  1. Stop being nervous. Do not strain and annoy for trifles. Due to stress, atherosclerosis is not uncommon.
  2. Quit bad habits. Should stop drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking. These habits adversely affect not only the blood vessels, but also the organism as a whole.
  3. Get plenty of walking. If there is no time for evening walks, you can simply not reach one stop either to the house or to work, and go on foot. It is very useful and good for health.
  4. Get rid of extra pounds. Fat deposits contribute to the development of atherosclerosis.
  5. Constantly monitor blood pressure. Atherosclerosis often develops on the background of hypertension.
  6. Watch for hormones. Disruption of metabolism leads to deterioration of lipid metabolism and provokes an increase in cholesterol.


Rapid reduction of cholesterol at home, if you follow the above tips and recommendations, does not present any particular difficulties. Do not ask only the goal to reduce cholesterol when it begins to go off-scale. It is best to prevent this problem than to deal with it. This is especially true of the category of people who are at risk or have already faced high cholesterol in the blood.

General information

Many of us have heard that cholesterol unhealthy. For a long time, doctors, nutritionists, and also pharmaceutical giants convinced people all over the world that cholesterol - This is the most important indicator of their health.

In some countries, for example, in the USA, mass hysteria about this “deadly” substance has reached unprecedented proportions. People firmly believed that the most important cause of their diseases (obesityheart problems depressed et al.) is “bad” cholesterol.

Everywhere began to open health food stores, where cholesterol-lowering products were sold at no budget prices.Without cholesterol dietswhich even the stars of the first magnitude adhered to.

In general, cholesterol paranoia has done its job. Manufacturers of drugs, food and nutritionists have earned an even greater amount of money on the universal fear. And what benefits have ordinary people got from all this hype? As it is not sad to realize, but not everyone knows what it is cholesterol, and whether it is necessary to undertake something at all specifically to reduce its level.

What is cholesterol, and how to deal with it?

We think each of us at least once wondered how to get rid of cholesterol in of blood. Before we talk about the dangers of cholesterol for the human body, let's understand the basic concepts.

So, cholesterol or cholesterol (chemical formula - C 27 H 46O) is a natural lipophilic (fatty) alcohol, i.e. organic compound that is present in the cells of living organisms.

This substance is not soluble in water, like other fats. In human blood, cholesterol is contained in the form of complex compounds (including transporter proteinsorapolipoproteins), so-called lipoproteins.

There are several main groups of transporter proteins that deliver cholesterol to certain organs and tissues:

  • high molecular weight (abbreviated as HDL or HDL) are high-density lipoproteins, which are a lipoprotein class blood plasmathey are often called “good” cholesterol,
  • low molecular weight (abbreviated as LDL or LDL) - these are low-density lipoproteins, are also a class of blood plasma and belong to the so-called "bad" cholesterol,
  • very low molecular weight(abbreviated as VLDL or VLDL) is a subclass of very low density lipoproteins,
  • chylomicron - This is a class of lipoproteins (ie, proteins), which are produced by the intestines as a result of processing exogenous lipids (a group of organic fats), differ in their significant size (diameter from 75 to 1.2 microns).

Approximately 80% of cholesterol contained in human blood is produced by the sex glands, liver, adrenal glands, intestines, and kidneys, and only 20% is ingested with food.

Cholesterol plays an important role in the life cycle of living organisms. This organic compound is involved in the process of the development of adrenal essential steroid hormones(estrogen, cortisol, progesterone, aldosterone, testosterone and so on), and bile acids.

The normal functioning of the human immune and nervous system is impossible without cholesterol. Thanks to this substance in the body is synthesized vitamin dwhich is crucial for calcium-phosphorus metabolism.

How to lower blood cholesterol?

It is well known that cholesterol can harm the human body due to the formation of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels. As a result of such a negative impact increases the risk of thrombosis, which in turn leads to the risk of developing myocardial infarction, pulmonary arterial embolus, strokeand the onset of a sudden coronary death.

Speaking about the dangers to human health, experts refer to studies, which resulted in finding out that in countries where an increased level of cholesterol in the blood was recorded among the population, cardiovascular diseases are ubiquitous.

True, there are such authoritative scientific studies that suggest that not only “bad” cholesterol, but also other significant factors are to blame for everything.

Therefore, do not hurry and think about how to lower cholesterol urgently. Not only is he alone "guilty."

In addition, the body does not produce anything extra and harmful to itself. In fact, cholesterol is a kind of defense mechanism.This substance is indispensable for cells and walls of blood vessels, which cholesterol "repairs" in case of wear or damage.

Low cholesterol makes the vessels just as vulnerable as with a high concentration of this compound in human blood. Everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about how to lower cholesterol in the blood with drugs or a special diet only in case of real need.

In addition, only a doctor can conclude that the patient requires special therapy to reduce cholesterol in the body and avoid possible negative consequences for his health. However, do not lose vigilance, because cholesterol can really be dangerous.

Therefore, it is worth monitoring its level for all people over the age of forty, regardless of gender, and especially those who are prone to cardiovascular diseases, suffer hypertension or from overweight. Blood cholesterol is measured in millimoles per liter (abbreviated mmol / l *) or milligrams per deciliter (mg / dl *).

It is considered ideal when the level of "bad" cholesterol or LDL (low molecular weight lipoproteins) does not exceed 2.586 mmol / l for healthy people and 1.81 mmol / l for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Medium and acceptable for doctors indicatorscholesterolvalues ​​between 2.5 mmol / l and 6.6 mmol / l are considered.

If the indicator of cholesterol has exceeded the level of 6.7, what to do in such a situation, and most importantly, how to avoid it. For treatment prescription, physicians are guided by the following indicators:

  • if the level of LDL in the blood reaches a level higher than 4.138 mg / dL, then the patient is recommended to adhere to a special therapeutic diet in order to reduce cholesterol values ​​to 3.362 mmol / l,
  • if the level of LDL persists above 4.138 mg / dl, then medication is prescribed for patients in such situations.
Human ageNormal blood cholesterol levels
Newborn babies3 mmol / l
From year to 19 years2.4-5.2 mmol / l
20 years
  • 3.11-5.17 mmol / l - for women
  • 2.93-5.1 mmol / l - for men
30 years
  • 3.32-5.8 mmol / l - for women
  • 3.44-6.31 mmol / l - for men
40 years
  • 3.9-6.9 mmol / l - for women
  • 3.78-7 mmol / l - for men
50 years
  • 4.0-7.3 mmol / l - for women
  • 4.1-7.15 mmol / l - for men
60 years
  • 4.4-7.7 mmol / l - for women
  • 4.0-7.0 mmol / l - for men
70 years and older
  • 4,48-7,82 mmol / l - for women
  • 4.0-7.0 mmol / l - for men
  • * Mmol (millimoles, equal to 10-3 mol) is the unit of measurement of substances in the SI (short for International system of measurement).
  • *Liter (in abbreviated form l, is equal to 1 dm3) is a non-system unit of measure for capacity and volume.
  • *Milligram (abbreviated mg, equal to 103 g) is the unit of mass measurement in SI.
  • *Deciliter (abbreviated as dl, equal to 10-1 liter) is a unit of measure for volume.

Cholesterol treatment

The causes of high cholesterol in the blood are:

  • obesity,
  • long smoking
  • overweight due to overeating,
  • disruption of work the liver, eg, bile stasis as a result of alcohol abuse,
  • diabetes,
  • hypodynamia,
  • surplus adrenal hormones,
  • unhealthy diet (love of over-fatty foods containing harmful trans fats, foods high in carbohydrates, such as sweets and fizzy drinks, as well as a lack of fiber in food),
  • flaw thyroid hormones,
  • sedentary lifestyle and poor physical activity,
  • flaw reproductive system hormones,
  • insulin hypersecretion,
  • kidney disease,
  • taking certain medications.

There are cases when the treatment of high cholesterol is prescribed with such a little common diagnosis as hereditary familial dyslipoproteinemia (abnormalities in the composition of lipoproteins). So, how to treat elevated cholesterol? It should be noted that the medical solution of this problem is not immediately resorted to and not in all cases.

There are not only medicinal methods of influence on cholesterol in order to reduce its level. At the initial stage, you can cope with the problem without pills. Doctors say that there is no better medicine than prevention. Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Try to walk more in the fresh air, watch your diet and engage in any sport that is associated with at least a small, but regular physical activity.

With this lifestyle no cholesterol will not be scary.

If changes in lifestyle have not yielded positive results, then the doctor prescribes the patient statins - These are drugs that reduce cholesterol and prevent diseases such as stroke and heart attack.

In addition to statins, there are other drugs that reduce the content of "bad" cholesterol, which differ in their composition. It is important to note that both statins and other drugs designed to fight cholesterol have a number of contraindications, and as it turned out in large-scale scientific research serious side effects.

Therefore, many people wonder how to lower cholesterol without drugs. The first thing that comes to mind in this situation is to try cholesterol treatment methods using folk remedies. Traditional medicine is an unconditional storehouse of useful information, where you can find many answers to the question of what to do if high cholesterol threatens your normal well-being.

However, do not rush to treat folk remedies "bad" cholesterol. Be prudent and first visit a doctor who will determine the cause of the ailment, and also expertly explain how to lower cholesterol in the blood without pills.

Folk remedies to reduce blood cholesterol

Talk about how to reduce blood cholesterol folk remedies. It is possible to affect the level of cholesterol in the blood not only with the help of a special diet and medicines. In some cases, the struggle with folk remedies with high cholesterol levels can be extremely effective.

The main thing in order to avoid undesirable negative effects (allergic reaction, deterioration of the condition), before starting self-treatment at home, visit a doctor. There are many folk remedies for lowering cholesterol.

However, not all of them will really help to lower the level of this substance to normal levels. It's all about the different reactions of the human body to certain folk remedies for high cholesterol in the blood.

The same method can be effective for one person, and for another it is useless or even dangerous.

Therefore, physicians are extremely skeptical about self-treatment, even at first glance, absolutely harmless and proven for centuries by folk methods.

Still, it is better to be treated under the supervision of a physician, who in time will be able to adjust the therapy to achieve the best result.

So, how to reduce cholesterol folk remedies. Treatment with folk remedies is primarily the use of various "gifts" of nature, for example, infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs or healing vegetable oils.

It is allowed to use homeopathic remedies to lower cholesterol only in cases when you are sure that such treatment does not provoke serious complications, for example, persistent allergic reactions. Therefore, do not overdo it with self-healing, so as not to harm even more your health.

Herbs to lower blood cholesterol

Supporters of traditional medicine claim that certain medicinal herbs are also effective in the fight against cholesterol, as well as modern pharmacological drugs. It is possible to make a conclusion about the validity of such statements only by trying on yourself the curative effect of homeopathic treatment methods. So, how to get rid of "bad" cholesterol and how to clean the walls of the arteries with the help of herbs.

Caucasian Dioscorea

Perhaps it is this medicinal plant that can be considered the most effective in combatingcholesterol. Dioscorea rhizome contains a large number saponinswhich, when combined with cholesterol and proteins in the human body, have a devastating effect on the generators atherosclerosis protein-lipoid compounds.

You can make tincture from a rhizome of a plant or take crushed dioscorea root four times a day with one teaspoon of honey, which, by the way, is on the list of products recommended for use with cholesterol problems. The effectiveness of this homeopathic remedy is proven by scientific research.

Caucasian Dioscorea will help not only thoroughly clean the vessels, but also significantly improve the condition atherosclerosis, will reduce pressure, normalizes the cardiovascular system, for example, when angina pectoris ortachycardia. In addition, the active ingredients of the plant are used in the production of choleretic and hormonal preparations.

Kallisia fragrant

The people called this plant Golden Us. Callisia is a houseplant that has been used as a cure for diseases for a long time. endocrine system, atherosclerosis, inflammation of the prostate gland, as well as ailments associated with metabolism.

The juice of the plant containskaempferol, quercetin andbeta sitosterol. These vegetable flavonoids on the assurances of traditional healers and have a beneficial effect on the human body. To reduce cholesterol using an infusion made from Golden whiskers.

To prepare the medicine, take the leaves of the plant, wash them and cut them into small pieces, and then pour them with boiling water. Golden mustache insist for a day, and then drink the infusion one tablespoon three times a day for half an hour before meals. Store the medication bottle in a dark place. This infusion helps to fight not only cholesterol, but also high blood sugar levels.

Liquorice root

The healing properties of this type of legumes are officially recognized as medicine and are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of various kinds of medicines. Licorice roots contain many highly active compounds that help normalize high cholesterol levels in the human body.

From the root of the plant is made decoction in the following way. Two tablespoons of chopped dry licorice root is poured with two cups of boiling water, and then boiled over low heat for another ten minutes, while stirring constantly.

The resulting broth filter and insist. You need to take this medicine four times a day after consuming food.

It is important to remember that the use of decoction from licorice root is preferably not more than three weeks in a row.

Then it is recommended to take a break of one month and, if necessary, repeat the treatment.

Stifnoloby or Sophora Japanese

The fruits of such a legume plant as sophora in combination with white mistletoe effectively fight elevated levels of cholesterol. To prepare the infusion, you need to take a hundred grams of each of the herbal ingredients and pour one liter of vodka.

The resulting mixture is infused for three weeks in a dark place, and then consumed before meals three times a day, one teaspoon. This tincture will help cure hypertension, will improve blood circulation and normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Blue cyanosis

The dry rhizome of the plant is ground into powder, poured with water, and then boiled over low heat for about half an hour. Cooked broth is decanted and allowed to cool. It is necessary to use this drug four times a day before bedtime, as well as after two hours after a meal.

Also, this decoction can be used in the treatment cough. In addition, cyanosis normalizes blood pressure, helps to work the nervous system, improves sleep and effectively eliminates the effects of stress.

Another widely used home medicinal plant. Linden inflorescences help lower cholesterol. They make powder, which is taken three times a day, one teaspoon per month.

Gardeners and amateur gardeners call this plant a weed and struggle in every possible way with its bright yellow flowers, until they turn into a beautiful balloon of seeds. However, such a plant as a dandelion is a real healing fount. In folk medicine, inflorescences, leaves and rhizomes of dandelion are used.

In the fight against cholesterol, the dandelion rhizome is useful, which is dried and then ground into powder. In the future, it is taken thirty minutes before meals, washed down with plain water. As a rule, after the first semiannual course of treatment, people notice a positive result.

Products to lower blood cholesterol

Let's talk in more detail about how to remove cholesterol from the body. Probably, many of us at least once thought about how to reduce cholesterol at home, without resorting to medications. Of course, the best way to contact this problem is to see a doctor who will provide expert help.

However, if you still decide to act independently, then before proceeding to action you need to start to learn how to check the level of cholesterol at home.

To find out how much cholesterol is in the patient’s blood, doctors use standard biochemical analysis.

What can you use at home to measure cholesterol and get this information? Fortunately, we live in a high-tech century, and in the arms of ordinary people there are many previously exclusively medical devices, for example, a kit for determining cholesterol or blood sugar.

After all, there are such categories of people (sick diabetes mellitus or people with severe cardiovascular disease) for whom it is vital to have such information. Since cholesterol is conditionally divided into a “good” and “bad” specialized kit for home use, it is possible to determine the level of both of the other subspecies of the biologically active compound.

In some versions, the kit also includes a test strip for determining the level triglycerides in blood. There are several test strips in the set that act on the principle of litmus paper, i.e. change their original color when interacting with cholesterol.

Moreover, the shade of the test strip depends on the level of cholesterol in the blood. To carry out the analysis at home, you need to wash your hands, then a special lancet, which is in the set, pierce the pad of your finger and touch the test strip. On the screen of the device, a figure indicating the amount of cholesterol currently contained in the blood is highlighted.

In order to successfully pass an analysis in a medical laboratory, a patient must observe a number of rules and recommendations that are also relevant for conducting research using a home kit. Since the concentration of cholesterol directly depends on many factors, you should not smoke cigarettes before a home check, drink alcoholic beverages, even weak and in small quantities.

Oddly enough, but the accuracy of the analysis affects even the position of the human body. It is believed that the most correct result can be obtained in a sitting position.

Extremely important for checking cholesterol levels is the human diet. What can you eat and what should be avoided before checking the blood for cholesterol?

Approximately three weeks before the biochemical analysis, doctors advise patients to follow a simple diet, the main feature of which is that you need to eat dishes that contain the least amount of animal fats. Priority is given to fruits, vegetables, dairy products and vegetable fats.

The emotional and psychological attitude of a person before analysis is also important. Stressful situations as well as concerns about your health can affect the result of checking cholesterol levels. Therefore, before taking the test, doctors recommend not to be nervous and spend some time in peace, for example, you can sit down and think about something pleasant, in general, relax.

So, we turn to the answers to questions about what reduces the level of harmful compounds in the blood and how to quickly lower cholesterol at home. If you encounter the above problems, then you should start to adhere to the following recommendations.

Do sports. Many cardiologists argue that regular physical activity not only strengthens the entire human body as a whole, but also contributes to the elimination of cholesterol blocks accumulated in the arteries. Remember, it is not at all necessary to be a professional athlete, to maintain health you can simply take long walks or do exercise every day in the fresh air, in general, move.

After all, as the ancients said: "Movement is life!". Scientists have shown that people over the age of fifty years who regularly take walks in the fresh air for at least forty minutes are less susceptible to the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases than their slow-moving peers.

It is also helpful for older people to walk at a slow pace to prevent heart attackorstroke and clear the vessels of harmful cholesterol. However, it is worth remembering that when making walks, the pulse of an elderly person should not deviate from the norm by more than 15 beats per minute.

Give up bad habits. You can call this advice universal for any ailment, because smoking or drinking large quantities of harm to all people without exception. We think it makes little sense to talk about how much cigarettes cause harm to the body, everyone is so well aware of how nicotine kills human health.

Smoking increases risk of development atherosclerosis, one of the main causes of which is considered to be high cholesterol. As for alcohol, everything is not so straightforward, since there are a considerable number of adherents to the theory that a small amount of strong alcoholic beverages (no more than fifty grams) or two hundred grams of red dry wine contribute to the normalization of cholesterol.

According to many reputable doctors, alcohol, even in small quantities and good quality can not be considered a medicine in this case. After all, many people are forbidden to drink alcohol, for example, patients diabetes mellitusorhypertension.Such an “alcoholic” medicine can seriously harm and not cure such people.

Eat right. This is another rule from the category of universal, because the state of human health depends not only on his lifestyle, but also on what he eats. In fact, to eat so as to live a healthy and fulfilling life is not difficult at all. Just for this you need to make some efforts, for example, to learn how to prepare healthy dishes rich in the content of various compounds important for good health.

Balanced diet - this is a guarantee of health. Doctors and nutritionists have been repeating this simple truth to their patients over a dozen years. In the case of bad cholesterol, this statement takes on an even more important meaning. Because it is thanks to the correct diet you can get rid of the problems associated with such a substance as cholesterol.

What foods contain cholesterol?

In order to control the level of cholesterol, you need to follow a certain diet and avoid foods with a high content of this biologically active compound. Recall that cholesterol is lipophilic fat, the level of which can both increase and reduce the usual food for human consumption.

Let us consider in more detail the content of cholesterol in products and determine which of them increase the level of a given substance in the blood.

As you can see, in the table above, there are no such types of products as vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts and seeds, as well as vegetable oils (olive, coconut, sesame, corn, sunflower). This is due to the fact that they contain a small amount of cholesterol. That is why these foods form the basis of a specialized diet that reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

What foods increase cholesterol?

Many people mistakenly believe that cholesterol is always an absolute evil for the body. However, this is not quite true because there is “bad” (LDL, low density) and “good” (HDL, high density) cholesterol. A high level of one really causes significant damage to health, and the lack of the second leads to the development of equally serious diseases.

With a high content of LDL, the walls of blood vessels are clogged fatty plaques. As a result, nutrients are not supplied to the human heart in the right amount, which leads to the development of severe cardiovascular pathologies. Often, the detrimental effects of cholesterol lead to an instant death of a person.

Thrombusformed as a result of the accumulation of cholesterol plaques, is separated from the vessel walls and completely clogs it. This condition, as doctors say, is not compatible with life. "Good" cholesterol or HDL does not accumulate and does not clog blood vessels. The active compound on the contrary cleanses the body of harmful cholesterol, bringing it out of the cell membranes.

In order to protect your body from the illnesses caused by high cholesterol, you first need to revise your diet. Supplement it with foods that contain beneficial compounds, and also eliminate or minimize the use of foods that contain "bad" cholesterol in abundance. So, where is the highest amount of cholesterol.

In which foods a lot of cholesterol will show the following table:

As follows from the above list of products that increase cholesterol, the greatest amount of compounds harmful to the vessels of the human body is contained:

  • in fatty meats and offal,
  • in chicken eggs,
  • in such fermented milk products of high fat content like cheese, milk, sour cream and butter,
  • in some types of fish and seafood.

Eggplants, juices and rowan will lower cholesterol.

There are eggplants as often as possible, add them to salads in raw form, having previously held them in salt water so that bitterness is gone.
In the morning drink tomato and carrot juices (alternate).
Eat 5 fresh red rowan berries 3-4 times a day. The course is 4 days, the break is 10 days, then the course is repeated 2 more times. This procedure is best done at the beginning of winter, when the frost is already "hit" on the berries.
The roots of cyanosis blue will reduce cholesterol.
1 tbsp. blue cyanus roots pour 300 ml of water, bring to a boil and cook for half an hour under a lid on a low heat, cool, strain. Drink 1 tbsp. 3-4 times a day, two hours after meals and always again before bedtime. Course - 3 weeks. This broth has a strong sedative, anti-stress effect, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, normalizes sleep, and even soothes a debilitating cough.

Celery will lower cholesterol and clear the vessels.

Cut celery stalks in an arbitrary quantity and dip them in boiling water for a couple of minutes. Then remove them, sprinkle with sesame seed, lightly salt and sprinkle with sugar, add to taste sunflower or olive oil. It turns out very tasty and hearty dish, absolutely easy. They can dine, eat breakfast and just eat at any time.One condition - as often as possible. However, if you have low pressure, then celery is contraindicated.

Vegetables, greens, herbs, fruits and berries

Vegetables and fruits are an extensive group of foods that lower blood cholesterol. We list the types of vegetables and fruits that are among the most effective products that remove excess cholesterol from the body.

Avocado is rich in content phytosterols (other namephytosterols - these are alcohols of plant origin), namely beta sysosterol. Constantly eating avocado dishes can significantly reduce the level of harmful and increase the content of healthy cholesterol (HDL).

In addition to avocados, the following foods contain the most phytosterols that help increase good cholesterol and reduce harmful:

  • wheat germ,
  • brown rice (bran),
  • sesame seeds
  • pistachios,
  • sunflower seeds,
  • pumpkin seeds,
  • flax seed,
  • pine nuts,
  • almond,
  • olive oil.

Eating fresh berries (strawberries, chokeberry, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, lingonberries) also helps in normalizing cholesterol. These berries, like the fruits of some fruits, such as pomegranate and grapes, stimulate the production of "good" cholesterol, i.e. HDL. Using fresh juice or mashed fresh berries every day can achieve excellent results and increase “good” cholesterol in a few months.

Especially effective is the juice from the berries of cranberries, which also contains a lot of antioxidants in its composition. These natural substances solidly cleanse the human body from accumulated harmful compounds and help restore health.

It is worth noting that in principle juice therapy - This is a really effective way to combat high cholesterol levels. This simple method of drug-free treatment was discovered completely by chance by nutritionists, who initially used various types of juices to combat cellulite andobesity.

Experts have found that juice therapy normalizes the amount of fat in the blood plasma. As a result, excess cholesterol is eliminated from the body.

It is noteworthy that at the same time the body is cleared of accumulated toxins.

It is important to note that you can only drink freshly squeezed juice, a truly healthy drink as opposed to store options that contain large amounts of sugar. The most effective are freshly squeezed juices from such vegetables and fruits as celery, carrots, beets, cucumbers, apples, cabbage and orange.

Remember, it is impossible to eat freshly squeezed beet juice immediately after cooking; it should stand for a few hours. Nutritionists advise eating as many vegetables and fruits as possible in red, violet, or blue, since it is their composition that contains the greatest amount of natural polyphenols.

Garlic is another food product that is powerful. statin natural origin, i.e. natural anti-cholesterol drug. Experts believe that the best result can be achieved by eating garlic for at least 3 months in a row. The compounds contained in the product slow down the production of "bad" cholesterol.

It is worth noting that not every person is suitable for this method of combating cholesterol. Many categories of patients are simply forbidden to eat large amounts of garlic due to the presence of gastrointestinal diseases, for example, ulcers or gastritis.

White cabbage is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and common foods in our latitudes. According to nutritionists, everyone’s favorite cabbage is leading among other vegetables popular in our culinary tradition as the best natural remedy for cholesterol.Eating even 100 grams of white cabbage (fermented, fresh, stewed) a day will help to quickly and effectively reduce the "bad" cholesterol.

Greens (onions, lettuce, dill, artichokes, parsley and others), and in any form contain an enormous amount of various useful compounds (carotenoids, luteins, dietary fiber), which have a positive effect on the entire body as a whole, and also help to raise the level of "good" cholesterol and reduce the "bad".

Cereals and legumes

Scientists, up to the present, are discovering more and more useful properties of whole grains and legumes. Doctors and nutritionists are unanimous in the opinion that a diet consisting of whole-grain cereal and leguminous products is the most useful nutritional plan for maintaining good health.

Replace the usual morning sandwiches with oatmeal, and for lunch or dinner, prepare a side dish of millet, rye, buckwheat, barley or rice, and after a while you cannot fail to notice positive results.

Such an abundance of plant fiber during the day not only cope with cholesterol, but also helps to normalize the digestive tract. Different types of legumes, as well as products containing soybeans, are another source of biologically active components that are beneficial to the whole body, and also normalize cholesterol in the blood.

Soy dishes can be equivalent to replacing the red types of meat that are harmful to the cardiovascular system. We think many have heard that rice, especially fermented red or brown, is an incredibly useful food product that is rich in useful macro and microelements, and also helps in the fight against "bad" cholesterol.

Vegetable oils

Almost everyone knows about the benefits of olive and other vegetable oils. However, for some reason, people in our latitudes were not fully able to assess the healing properties of oils of plant origin. From time immemorial, our culinary tradition has used heavy animal fats, the constant use of which in food and causes irreparable harm to the state of the vessels of the human body.

Olive and flaxseed oil are considered the most effective in the fight against cholesterol. Did you know that one tablespoon of olive oil contains about twenty-two grams phytosterols, natural compounds that help balance the level of "bad" and "good" cholesterol in the blood. Nutritionists advise the use of unrefined oils, their composition has been subjected to less processing and contains more useful substances.

Oil obtained from flax seeds, as well as the plant seed itself, has many beneficial properties, one of which is the ability to influence cholesterol.

Due to its unique chemical composition, which contains an enormous amount of polysaturated fatty acids (two times more than fish oil), the researchers consider this herbal product to be a real natural medicine.

How to take flaxseed oil to improve and strengthen your body. Nutritionists advise to add as much as possible any vegetable fat to your diet, including flaxseed oil, which can be used both for cooking (for example, filling salad or adding to porridge), and taking a teaspoon daily, medicinal food additive.

Green tea

We talked about how to remove harmful cholesterol from your body with the help of food. However, not only food, but also drinks can help in the struggle for their health. For many nations, green tea has long been considered the first medicine for many diseases and ailments.

This drink has not only divine taste and aroma, but is also famous for its unique chemical composition, which contains natural flavonoidsthat can have a positive effect on the state of human blood vessels.

Replace your morning coffee with a cup of high-quality green tea (not only in tea bags) and you will get an excellent cholesterol medicine.

Such a hot drink with lemon and honey can be an effective and, most importantly, a tasty way to combat not only cholesterol, but also seasonal cold diseases. Green tea strengthens, tones and cleanses the body, agree that it can be better.

Fish and seafood

As mentioned earlier, some types of fish and seafood contain a lot of cholesterol in their chemical composition. Of course, such products should be minimized in the diet of a person whose cholesterol level does not meet the standards. However, in most cases the gifts of the seas, rivers, lakes and oceans are not only tasty, but also healthy food.

Such types of fish as sardines and wild salmon are considered to be record breakers in their chemical composition indispensable to the human body. Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

In addition, it is these species that contain the least amount of harmful mercury. Red salmon or salmon is an antioxidant fish, the consumption of which helps to cleanse the body of harmful substances.

Fish fat - It is a well-known curative of natural origin, which is used both for prophylactic and medicinal purposes. On the assurances of scientists, this natural statin copes with elevated levels of "bad" cholesterol due to its composition Omega-3 fatty acid which controls the production lipids in the body.

Food with high cholesterol in the blood

When a patient has elevated cholesterol in the blood, the doctor first advises him to reconsider his usual diet. Any methods of combating harmful compounds will be useless if you continue to saturate your body with foods rich in cholesterol.

Diet with high cholesterol in women, as in men, should:

  • consist of dishes prepared by roasting, boiling or stewing,
  • include a large number of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, as well as porridge and products, whose composition contains in excess of polysaturated fatty acids of the Omega-3 group.

Some types of seafood and dairy products can be used in the preparation of a diet with high cholesterol in women and men. However, it is worth remembering that milk, sour cream, kefir, yogurt and other products should not be high fat. Many popular seafood can also contain large amounts of cholesterol.

To lower cholesterol, you need to exclude the following products from your daily menu:

  • animal proteins, for example, contained in fatty fish and meat varieties, in fish and meat broth, in offal, in caviar and dairy products of high fat content,
  • trans fats that are abundant in mayonnaise, industrial cooking, margarine, and everyone's favorite fast food,
  • proteins of plant origin, for example, mushrooms and broths based on them,
  • products containing caffeine (tea, coffee, energy),
  • simple carbohydrates (chocolate, muffin, confectionery),
  • spicy seasonings, as well as salt.

Diet to reduce cholesterol, weekly menu

In order for the patient to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood independently, without resorting to medical treatment, nutritionists strongly recommend adhering to the above rules of the low-cholesterol diet. It is important to once again focus on this attention.

The main principle of this diet is to use in your diet foods that are able to regulate cholesterol in the blood. On all kinds of culinary forums, websites and blogs, you can learn tons of recipes that will help prepare healthy food not only correctly, but also tasty.

On the Internet there are whole communities of people who are forced by various circumstances to constantly monitor the level of cholesterol in the blood. Who else they know how to eat and what to do to reduce the "bad" cholesterol. Therefore, listen to your doctor and trust the reviews of other people, then everything must work out.

Can eatIt is forbidden to eat
Meat productschicken, rabbit and turkey meat (skinless)fatty meats such as pork
A fishfish oil, lean fishhigh-fat fish varieties
Seafoodmusselsshrimp, caviar and crabs
Dairy productsall dairy products, fat content not more than 1-2%ice cream, milk, kefir, sour cream, yogurt and others, fat content of more than 3%, condensed milk
Vegetables and fruitsall kindscoconut nuts
Grains and Bean Plantsall kinds
The nutsall kinds
Confectionerywholegrain biscuits, whole grain crackerssweets, pastries, flour products, cakes, pastries and sweets
Butterall types of vegetable oils, especially linseed and olivepalm, ghee, butter
Kashiall kinds
The drinksfresh juices, compotes, green tea, mineral watercoffee, store juices and high sugar nectars, soda

Sample Low Cholesterol Menu

You can make porridge or flakes in water or use non-fat milk. In principle, any cereal porridge will be a full and healthy breakfast. Porridge is useful to fill with olive oil. For a change, you can have breakfast with brown rice or scrambled eggs made exclusively from egg whites.

Whole grain bread or cookies can be eaten for dessert with green tea, which is allowed to add honey and lemon. Of the popular morning drinks in a low-cholesterol diet, coffee substitutes such as chicory and barley coffee are acceptable.


Snack before lunch can be any fresh fruit or berries. It is not forbidden to eat cookies from whole grains, as well as drink green tea, juice or compote. In addition, as drinks, you can use fruit drinks or decoctions of wild rose and other medicinal herbs.

In the middle of the day, you can supplement your strength with the help of vegetable soup for the first and baked fish with vegetables for the second. For variety, you can cook every day a different side dish of boiled, baked or stewed vegetables, as well as cereals.

As in the case of a second breakfast, you can eat fruit in the afternoon, drink juice or have a snack with a low-calorie salad of fresh vegetables or fruits.

Following the popular saying that breakfast should be eaten by oneself, lunch should be shared with a friend, and dinner should be given to the enemy, the last meal should not consist of foods that are difficult for the body to digest and slowly digested. In addition, nutritionists advise a last meal four hours before bedtime.

For dinner, you can make mashed potatoes or other vegetable dishes, as well as lean beef or chicken meat. For a light dinner, low-fat cottage cheese with yogurt and fresh fruit is ideal. As a dessert, you can use whole grain cookies and green tea with honey. Before bedtime, it will be helpful to drink kefir to improve digestion or a glass of warm milk for a good sleep.

Education: Graduated from Vitebsk State Medical University with a degree in Surgery. At the university he headed the Council of Student Scientific Society. Further training in 2010 - in the specialty "Oncology" and in 2011 - in the specialty "Mammology, visual forms of oncology."

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He presented 3 rationalization proposals on the topic “Optimization of antibiotic therapy depending on the species composition of the microflora”, 2 works won prizes in the republican competition review of student research papers (categories 1 and 3).

Atherosclerosis, like most CVD diseases, is treated very successfully with statins. Actually the main task - the fight against harmful cholesterol, and then as a consequence, the normalization of blood flow and pressure, the stabilization of cholesterol plaques. I have been taking rosuvastatin-sz for 2 years now - the pressure on average has decreased from 150/120 to 130 90, the level of cholesterol has decreased from 11 to 5.8 and has lost 7 kg.

I am 66 years old. A lot of things I tried the folk and the same Dioscorea, and the sense of 0. Cholesterol rises Now it is 8.2. I'll try Rosuvastatin. It can be drunk and in the morning at least by night to oklemsya to sleep. And Atorvastatin drank for 5 days at night, the head was very sore and did not sleep at night and quit. Indeed, probably no pills can not do, though a bunch of side effects. And I read about the low-carb diet. We must try.

It may be strange to write such a review after a “very scientific” article, but still: no tinctures from atherosclerosis will help no herbs and berries can significantly lower cholesterol - the main cause of atherosclerosis. Without the use of statins can not do. For example, rosuvastatin-sz is a very good domestic drug, moreover, it is several times cheaper than imported analogues. It will not only lower your cholesterol, but as a result, will lower the pressure, which in turn will reduce the load on the vessels and help to overcome atherosclerosis.

I wanted to ask the question why for 70 is possible a hol-in from 4 to 7 7

Everything is bad, even the oxygen that we breathe kills. But cholesterol is better to lower the drug. I will not say for the diet, but I doubt very much that it will help to reduce cholesterol, it’s still not a problem from the outside, but in the “settings” of the organism itself. Rosuvastatin-sz was prescribed to his father, he has been taking it for 3 years now - more cholesterol has not risen above 5.0 by itself has become more cheerful, for the last two years he has been engaged in gardening again there were forces, gone dizziness and shortness of breath (in fact, these were the reasons for which they went to the doctor).

It is not clear how coffee is harmful ..

I have high cholesterol, 7.3. The doctor prescribed statins (Roxer). So my heart rate rose to 90-100 beats per minute. For myself decided better diet!

And I had 6.5 a year ago, and now 7 42. A year ago, I lowered it to 7.2 and reduced it to 6.5, with the help of seaweed, only without vinegar. Now, again, I sat up, didn’t follow the diet. We eat food in which there is no margarine, and palm oil, here’s the result, earlier in Soviet times, there was no such ugliness and more than we breathe?

In my case, a chain of events led to an increase in cholesterol - an unhealthy diet, excess weight from it, cholesterol from excess weight. To reduce it was necessary to radically revise the diet, lose weight, drink Dibikor, only after that cholesterol and a few kilograms almost normalized. Now I’m following weight and nutrition, because in fact, high cholesterol is very dangerous.

Very helpful info! I also want to share my experience in dealing with high cholesterol. First, for prophylaxis, I take a cardioactive. And secondly, I constantly drink linden tea and keep a diet.

I took Rosuvastatin 4 pack. For 4 months, cholesterol decreased from 6.74 to 7.87 mmol / l.

Atorvastatin sawed a month on a diet (prescribed by a doctor), as a result, cholesterol decreased, but due to "good" and "bad" increased by another 0.26 units, what to do next?

The article is useful, you can take note and apply to yourself

I, too, are all on a diet and physical. load hoped, thought that my healthy lifestyle would help the body with cholesterol cope. I will say right away, time is only lost, and this is not much, not a little, but half a year (Then one friend advised Dibikor to drink, she was prescribed the same diagnosis with the same diagnosis. I wonder why my doctor didn’t do it right away, because that literally in 2 months cholesterol was already at around 6.8, and a month later it was equal to 6. So I would not take a healthy lifestyle as a basis for treatment.

The article is just what you need! Everything is painted and narrated.Omega 3 and cardioactive taurine I would add to the list of essential drugs for those who watch their cholesterol.

Thank you for the useful article, but the approximate menu is not very diverse.

I also did not know many products. of the drugs I can recommend only cardioactive - as a prophylactic to control the work of the cardiovascular system, like vitamins

Thank. How in time I read this article with very useful and necessary information. Everything is available, detailed and very understandable.

Thanks for the article, be sure to take your advice.

Thank you very much. Today I received the result and cholesterol did not fall into obliteration. 12.8. I will take note of everything written and will fight with this infection.

Thanks for the article, as I learned to myself, I have cholesterol of 9.32, burst into tears, LIVE is WANT, I’m only 33 years old, my weight is 57kg, now I’ll completely change my eating principle, thanks again.

Great article. Thank you so much. In her 36 years at the medical examination she found out that cholesterol was 8.2, of which 6.5 was “bad.” Appointed "Atorvastatin", but there are so many side effects. I'll try a hard diet and add physical activity.

Sores better warn ahead of time. Worried better about insomnia.

found one paradox in the article. fatty fish can not be, and fish oil can be how to understand this?

Denis, where did Fucus buy and who is the manufacturer?

The doctor suggested to me to use seaweed (fucus) in a jelly-like form. Plus to this diet, but not hard. The result did not keep you waiting long! I am very satisfied.

Vitali, you need to follow the course that the doctor prescribed for you. For example, for me with elevated cholesterol, not only was the diet prescribed, but I also took BV Thioctacid. I took a pill course. After the course, I took repeated tests, cholesterol is now normal with me. But I do not abuse, and now I eat only the right and healthy food.

Very productive article, the most extensive. I myself was discharged from the hospital for two days, I wanted to go to the pharmacy, give a lot of money (because I was told about prices), but now I’ll think about it.

Margot, and what vitamins lower cholesterol? And what mom takes? I'll ask the doctor about the vitamin. I just take BV Thioctacid too and follow food very strictly, and that's enough for me. In general, I started to feel very good in general, the analyzes have improved, which is good news. And for the article I also want to thank, I took a couple of tips for myself.

Thanks for the information to the author and the reviews of the same "poor fellows"))) like me. Take note, apply in life!

Thanks for the article, very informative, especially about the products !! Did not know much. And what can you say about the various vitamin and bad cholesterol-reducing buds? My mom takes vitamins and helps her. Is it possible to lower cholesterol without a vitamin at all?

Alexander, so the cookies are not simple, but wholegrain. I am a doctor, too, is allowed. Plus, BV Thioctacid recommended to drink away - these are quick-release alpha-lipoic acid tablets, not bad effect on metabolic processes in the body, cholesterol, sugar to normal come as a result. If you comply with everything, then improvements will not keep you waiting, I feel better every day.

You have a table that says “what you can eat, what you don’t.” “Confectionery” says cookies can be eaten as. When all the cookies are made of margarine. And margarine contains trans fats that the vessels fill in with you. use cholesterol vessels for a long time to use cookies. Please correct the author who wrote the cookies for authorized use.

Thank you for such useful, detailed and soothing information. I learned yesterday that I have high cholesterol and panic started. But your article explains so clearly what cholesterol is and how to lower it, and in what cases it should be done. Very affordable folk recipes, food.Thank you so much for this stuff and my peace of mind.

There are 6 times a day so difficult. A friend learns and works at the same time. Carries with a container of food and a strategic supply in the form of a package of bread and crackers. Normal 10-15 minutes for eating is not always located (a toilet cabin, public transport stop and a bench in the park became its "dining room" a couple of times, but it tries to eat normally, with its pancreatitis, and then it vomited even from canteen buns

She passed a medical examination for work and a blood test showed 8mmol / l. I never thought about cholesterol. Since childhood, I love very sweet. I bake myself, I make sweets and other sweets. I can not eat sweets, I always have sweets with me. In the morning, a butter sandwich, cheese (I cook myself). Thank you for a very useful article for me. I will try to stick to the advice I received, although it will be difficult.

Eating right is, of course, a problem for many. But in my experience I can say that in many cases (I have exactly) it is enough to limit (minimize) the use of harmful food (sweet, flour, fatty, spicy, fried) And with the rest there are definitely no problems - on the 7th floor I do not reach the house on foot, by bus 1, I walk with legs) Also BV Thioctacid (I see it is not only prescribed for me) is a very good remedy, due to the properties of alpha lipoic acid, which is part of, it also allows for lipid metabolism influence positively and in particular the level of cholesterol is equal amb. So I live. Very good

Thanks for the useful information, everything complicated is simple! Great! I will follow the tips! Respect the authors! -,)

The article is good, but. How can you eat properly five or six times a day, when you have a work for twelve hours, and five days a week, and to the same-sedentary.

I, too, turned out to have increased cholesterol, although I didn’t notice (or simply didn’t pay attention), and now I limit myself in the diet (sweets-flour-fat), I go more, plus the doctor Thioctacid BV prescribed to take - this drug is able to reduce total cholesterol due to elimination of saturated fatty acids. The results and the truth is already better, and overall well-being is good

The doctor prescribed medicine to reduce cholesterol, looked at the abstract, and there are a lot of contraindications and side effects. Your material is very interested (especially folk remedies). Indeed, all medicines are growing under our feet! Thank you for the very interesting and accessible information.

Fully agree with the previous "commentator" about the benefits and high quality of the material. I try to adhere to proper nutrition too, I don’t eat sugar at all, I consume a little candy, sometimes I play around with ice cream (I love it since childhood). I almost do not eat fatty foods. I will try to follow the article even more literally because cholesterol is high due to harmonotherapy (oncology). But in order to move more, she started a dog and walk with him 3 times a day, and in summer - a dacha. By itself - vegetables, berries and fruits as a result of labor in the country. Thanks for the clear, detailed and very useful information. I read (and printed) with great pleasure. For the first time I encountered such a high-quality coverage of the topic.

Very useful and informative material. I learned a lot of new things, although I myself try to stick to the diet, which is dominated by foods with a low level of "bad" cholesterol. In particular, it excluded the use of butter, sour cream. I eat low-fat cheese 2-5%, diluted with yogurt. In the morning for breakfast I cook porridge on oatmeal water, fill with linseed oil. Refused fried, smoked and fatty foods. From meat I prefer lean beef. The main dishes are steamed. I do not fry soups and borscht. Add to the soups frozen parsley and green onions. From drinks I prefer - tea. You need to go - on the green, but not in bags.I can not refuse at all - from sweets and sugar. But I will reduce their consumption. I do not drink, do not smoke. But I’m moving a little - a computer takes a lot of time, since I live alone and brighten up loneliness with the help of fiction and the Internet. Here - for me - a minus. It is necessary to move more - as indicated in the article and walk more in the fresh air. I thank everyone who participated in the preparation of this material.

Standards and reasons for the increase

The level of lipoproteins in the blood is determined using a biochemical blood test, and its normal values ​​depend on age. The average universal indicator for an adult is considered to be values ​​that do not exceed 5 mmol per liter. Approaching this level or exceeding its results is a reason to think about how to reduce cholesterol levels. The smaller the numbers, the less likely the development of atherosclerosis and associated diseases.

Why can cholesterol increase? The main reason is considered an unbalanced diet, which is dominated by fatty, and also rich in easily digestible carbohydrates food. However, other factors also affect the concentration of LDL in the blood:

  • stresses
  • bad habits,
  • heredity,
  • endocrine disorders (diabetes, dysfunction of the endocrine glands),
  • liver disease, accompanied by bile stasis.

The tendency to overeating and limiting physical exertion (respectively, and the accumulation of excess weight) also contribute to increasing the concentration of cholesterol in the blood.

Main article: Norm cholesterol in women and men with causes of deviations and methods of treatment

What foods increase blood cholesterol

Nutrition is a major factor affecting blood cholesterol levels. Food that contains large amounts of animal fats is responsible for increasing the amount of “bad” and increasing the risk of developing atherosclerosis. This includes certain types of meat and fish, offal, dairy and sausages.

The table presents the most dangerous products that increase blood cholesterol in women and men. Sexual division matters up to 50 years, while women are relatively protected by estrogen, preventing the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Later, there is no difference, and in old age people of both sexes are equally susceptible to atherosclerosis.

However, foods with bad cholesterol can not be completely excluded from the menu. For example, eggs that have been considered the most harmful product for the last couple of decades contain a lot of protein. It is necessary for the formation of high-density lipoprotein. In addition, the composition of the yolks, in addition to cholesterol, includes lecithin, which slows down the absorption in the intestine of saturated fat. It is also unacceptable to exclude from the menu meat - a source of protein, you just need to eat the least fatty parts of carcasses.

In the list of products that increase cholesterol, there are also products from high-grade flour (muffins and pasta), sugar, confectionery. They do not contain animal fats, but negatively affect metabolism, contributing to the formation of transport complexes with a high content of lipids and cholesterol sedimentation on the walls of blood vessels. This also includes alcoholic and some other drinks.

Drinks, alcohol and cholesterol in the blood - addiction

Much has been written about the harm of alcohol per se, and it does not contribute to the health of blood vessels. Alcohol, above all - a high-calorie product, and reducing caloric intake is the basis for the treatment of atherosclerosis. Negatively ethanol affects the vascular tone, contributing to the formation of cholesterol plaques on their walls. Sweet grades of alcohol (liqueurs, liqueurs, etc.) due to the sugar content negatively affect metabolism, as does soft drinks.

The negative effect of alcohol on cholesterol in the blood serves as a basis for prohibiting the use of hard liquor.At rates above 5 mmol / l, such alcohol is contraindicated completely, at values ​​close to this threshold - very rarely and in moderate quantities. That is, drinking alcohol with high cholesterol is highly undesirable, especially if concomitant diseases are diagnosed (diabetes, hypertension). The ban does not apply to all varieties.

For example, beer lovers do not have to give up their habit: the nutrients from this drink increase HDL levels, provided that the product is natural and fresh, and not more than 0.5 liters per day is drunk. However, “store” inexpensive beer and cholesterol are incompatible in the blood at an elevated level of the latter, since such a drink contains preservatives, sugar and other harmful additives.

Restrict yourself to coffee lovers. Despite the proven anticarcinogenic properties of this drink, it contains cafestol, which increases the level of low density lipoproteins. Therefore, coffee and blood cholesterol are directly related: drinking 4-5 cups daily increases the risk of atherosclerosis by about 10%.

Adding cream or milk will only aggravate the situation due to the content of milk fat. It turns out that you have to limit yourself to everything and completely abandon the delicious food? No, because even some fatty foods can lower cholesterol and have a positive effect on vascular health.

Foods that quickly and effectively lower blood cholesterol

As already mentioned, high-density lipoproteins do not adversely affect the cardiovascular system and do not contribute to the formation of cholesterol plaques. These complexes are formed from protein and unsaturated fats. Most lipids of this type are found in vegetable oils, seafood and fish. The list of products that lower cholesterol, despite its high content, includes:

TitleAmount of cholesterol, mg per 100 grams

Any fish is shown with high cholesterol, because it contains unsaturated fatty acids and contributes to the normalization of metabolism. However, it should be cooked by stewing or baking with a minimum amount of oil, and should not be fried.

Meat and Milk

In spite of the fact that these products have an animal origin, their consumption in food is obligatory. You just need to choose low-cholesterol meat and dairy products. The best options are lamb, turkey, chicken, as well as milk, kefir and low-fat cottage cheese.

Vegetables and fruits

Since herbal products do not contain cholesterol at all, they should be eaten first of all if there is a risk of atherosclerosis. To reduce blood cholesterol in the diet should include:

  • Cabbage Above all, the proteinaceous is beneficial, promoting and normalizing carbohydrate metabolism. Few calories and many vitamins contain other varieties - color, Brussels, kohlrabi, broccoli.
  • Greenery. Parsley, dill, salads - a source of minerals and phytosterols, which prevent the absorption of bad cholesterol in the intestines.
  • Garlic. If there are no contraindications in the form of gastrointestinal diseases, it is necessary to eat this vegetable daily. After three months, the test results will show a significant improvement.

Cucumbers with tomatoes, celery, carrots and beets are also beneficial. But the use of potatoes should be minimized, because it contains a lot of simple carbohydrates. From fruits, it is desirable to choose those that contain less sugar and starch (that is, bananas and grapes should be eaten as little as possible).

Cereals and legumes

Cereals should be replaced in the diet side dishes of pasta and potatoes. Lentils, buckwheat, millet are not less nutritious, but they also contain difficult to digest carbohydrates.This ensures a feeling of satiety without disturbing carbohydrate metabolism and the formation of fat deposits.

Products that lower cholesterol in human blood can and should be prepared with seasoning. They not only improve the taste of fresh and thermally processed food, but also directly affect the metabolism. Especially useful is turmeric, which has many healing properties and prevents the formation of low-density lipoprotein complexes.

Tea and Juices

The dependence of cholesterol in the blood of alcohol and the need to eliminate the latter from the use of obvious. Coffee is also prohibited, so you need to drink tea, preferably green. It is this drink that prevents the formation of LDL, has a positive effect on vascular tone and activates the metabolism. Fresh juices are also very helpful due to their vitamin content.

How to quickly and effectively reduce blood cholesterol at home

The main way to normalize cholesterol levels is to follow a diet with a minimum content of saturated animal fats.

A diet consisting of lean meat, cereals, a large amount of greens and vegetables for several months significantly reduces the concentration of low-density lipoproteins in the blood.

Regular moderate exercise helps to lower cholesterol levels. Motor activity is a prerequisite for the health of the heart and blood vessels, as this ensures their tone and sufficient oxygen supply. Accordingly, the metabolism is activated, the carbohydrate-fat metabolism is normalized, the probability of obesity and the development of concomitant diseases decreases. Exercise is also an excellent prevention of stress, contributing to the increase in cholesterol.

In consultation with your doctor you can use some recipes of traditional medicine. Herbal medicine and other methods in the absence of contraindications give good results and do not harm health. However, all of the above methods are effective only with a slight deviation of test results from the norm, and a significant increase in cholesterol levels requires drug therapy.

Drugs for lowering blood cholesterol

The lipid-lowering drugs used to lower cholesterol are divided into several groups. Which combination of drugs to prescribe and in what dosage should be decided by the doctor in each particular case. In addition to drugs, you can use dietary supplements: vitamins, oils and fish oil capsules with high cholesterol also give a positive result.

These are the most effective and reasonably safe drugs whose mechanism of action is to inhibit the enzyme responsible for the synthesis of cholesterol in liver cells (3-hydroxymethyl-glutaryl-coenzyme-A-reductase). In addition to blocking the enzyme, the adsorption of LDL from the blood increases, so the results of treatment are noticeable after a few days, and within a month the therapeutic effect reaches a maximum.

The list of cholesterol lowering pills includes:

  • Fluvastatin ®
  • Simvastatin ®
  • Pravastatin ®
  • Lovastatin ®
  • Rosuvastatin ®
  • Atorvastatin ®
  • Pitavastatin ®

The listed medicines have numerous analogues with other trade names. The drugs of the new generation are better tolerated from high cholesterol (Rosucard ®, for example), and you only need to take pills once a day. This should be done before bedtime, because it is at night that lipoprotein synthesis is activated.

Drugs in this group are shown with a significant excess of normal cholesterol in the blood. Fenofibrate ®, Zifrofibrat ®, Gemfibrozil ® and other drugs break down triglycerides, thus lowering the concentration of LDL.

However, their therapeutic effect is often accompanied by the development of side effects. Patients may experience liver dysfunction, muscle aches, gallstones.Contraindications are violations of hemopoiesis, pathology of the kidneys and liver.

Means to suppress intestinal cholesterol absorption

We are talking about dietary supplements for lowering cholesterol in the blood, the active substances of which do not allow it to be absorbed in the digestive tract. For example, the food supplement Guarem ®, obtained from hyacinth beans, captures the molecules of lipophilic alcohol and removes from the gastrointestinal tract in a natural way.

Side effects in the form of violations of the chair or abdominal distention are rarely observed and pass quickly.

A nicotinic acid

This vitamin B-group most effectively, compared with other drugs, reduces the level of LDL at the same time increasing the concentration of "good" cholesterol. On its basis, such drugs as Enduracin ®, Atsipimoks ® and others are manufactured. Nicotinic acid can cause short-term facial flushing as a side effect. In addition, it is strictly contraindicated in gastritis and ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract due to its irritant effect on the mucous membrane.

Methods for reducing cholesterol without pills

It is difficult to cure hypercholesterolemia, since the problem is recommended to act in a complex way. The main condition is to change your diet. Fiber of plant origin appears to be the substance that effectively fights cholesterol in the body. She abounds in fruits, vegetables, cereals. Concentration is different everywhere, so you need to choose the products where it is most.

The second point of treatment is optimal physical activity. Be sure to consider the lack of medical contraindications for sports. Exercise for diabetics is a good way to help get rid of excess weight, which is available in type 2 diabetes.

Training helps to improve the tone of blood vessels, activates the internal forces of the body. During exercise, the vessels narrow and expand, which trains their elasticity. Atherosclerotic plaques begin to dissolve, and the blood is purified.

Doing sports need to constantly. Begin with a little activity, gradually load your body. Excessive training is also bad. Diabetics are recommended aerobics, walking, slow running whenever possible.

Ways to reduce cholesterol:

  • Therapy of concomitant pathologies - diabetes mellitus, hypertension and other chronic diseases. These pathologies provoke the growth of cholesterol, therefore, without compensation, it is impossible to achieve a reduction in the level without pills,
  • Smoking leads to fragility of blood vessels, provokes the growth of LDL in human blood. Nicotine destroys mineral components, vitamins and useful ingredients derived from products. Of course, it is difficult to quit right away, but you can reduce the number of cigarettes a day,
  • Everyone knows about the dangers of alcohol. Diabetics and hypertensive alcohol is contraindicated.

Practice shows that if you include a lot of vegetables and fruits enriched in fiber in the menu, then in patients with atherosclerosis the level of LDL decreases by 15-20% from the initial level within three months.

Treatment of hypercholesterolemia ginger

Ginger is a root vegetable that has a specific taste. It contains more than 50 biologically active components that contribute to the normal functioning of the internal organs and systems of man.

Ginger root improves appetite, provides normalization of metabolic processes, lowers cholesterol level. It also improves the gastrointestinal and digestive tract, enhances the immune status, increases the barrier functions of the body.

So, what is cholesterol treatment at home? Ginger-based products help reduce the high content of low-density lipoprotein. Prepare home infusions, tinctures, decoctions, tea.

To reduce the harmful cholesterol in the blood, diabetics are recommended recipes:

  1. Wash the root, peel, grate. Two tablespoons of gruel pour 1000 ml of boiling liquid. Insist 15 minutes. Then add a few slices of lemon to the drink or squeeze out the juice ½ of the fruit. Drink warm or cold, the dosage per day one liter. The duration of treatment is one month.
  2. Grate the root length of five centimeters on a grater. Pour 1500 ml of boiling water, add a pinch of cinnamon, a tablespoon of green tea. Bring to a boil over low heat, let it cool naturally. After adding liquid honey to taste or granulated sugar, 10 ml of lemon juice. Diabetics are advised not to add sugar / honey. With hypertension, the recipe does not fit. Drink a day for a liter of drink.
  3. Grind 50 g of grated ginger root, add 4-5 cloves of garlic (minced) to the slurry. Infuse the mixture for several hours. After pouring boiling water over and insist 1 day. Take three times a day. Dosage for one reception - a tablespoon, a course of treatment 45 days.

To normalize cholesterol without pills will help a mixture of ginger with nuts. For cooking you will need 50-70 g of ginger root - tinder on a fine grater, add 2 tablespoons of honey, 10 walnuts to it. Mix it up. Insist 10 hours in a cool room. To eat on the table spoon before meal in the morning. The course of therapy is 60 days.

Ginger recipes do not apply if, in addition to diabetes, ulcerative diseases of the intestines and stomach, cholelithiasis, and acute hemorrhoids are diagnosed.

Vegetable juices for lowering LDL

Raw zucchini has a neutral taste, but this property pays off due to its medicinal qualities. It contains a lot of potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins of various groups. Dietary product is suitable for the treatment of diabetics, because it helps to lose weight.

For the treatment of high cholesterol, zucchini juice is taken from 10 ml. Within one month you need to increase the volume to 250 ml. Drink before meals. To improve the taste, you can add carrot or apple juice. The duration of treatment is not limited by time.

Carrots are a great helper to combat high levels of low-density lipoprotein. Beta-carotene, present in the composition, helps to normalize fat metabolism, and magnesium accelerates the elimination of LDL from the body. At one time you need to drink 150 ml of freshly squeezed drink.

Juice therapy for raising harmful cholesterol:

  • Cucumber juice is enriched with potassium and sodium, has a beneficial effect on the state of the cardiovascular system, cleans blood vessels from cholesterol deposits. Recipe for diabetics: in 150 ml of fresh juice add a few leaves of mint and a quarter juice of lemon. Drink before meals once a day. The course of treatment is 90 days,
  • Beet juice reduces LDL, lowers total cholesterol, increases the content of high-density lipoprotein. On the day they drink 120 ml, divide the dosage into three applications. Freshly squeezed can not be because it contains toxic ingredients - pre-insist a few hours in the refrigerator,
  • As part of the tomato juice has lycopene - a component that regulates fat metabolism, reduces cholesterol levels, increases HDL. Drink 250 ml per day, salt is not recommended.

It is better to refuse tomato juice if there are pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract in the acute stage, acute pancreatitis, food poisoning.

Fruit Juices for Normalizing Cholesterol Levels

Fruits are a source of vitamins, minerals, organic acids, antioxidants, and a host of other beneficial compounds. They compensate for the lack of necessary substances in the body, have a positive effect on the state of the heart and blood vessels, improve metabolic processes, which leads to a decrease in LDL cholesterol and an increase in HDL.

Juice from green apples has an antioxidant effect, significantly inhibits the process of fat oxidation, prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, reduces blood sugar levels in diabetes. Per day drink up to 300 ml of freshly squeezed drink. Choose savory apple varieties.

The composition of garnets includes special substances - polyphenols. These compounds of organic nature cleanse the blood vessels, reduce harmful cholesterol. On the day of drinking 100-150 ml. With gastric ulcer and gastritis reception is not recommended.

Treatment of hypercholesterolemia fruit juices:

  1. Orange, grapefruit and other citrus fruits are enriched with pectin. It has been clinically proven that the consumption of orange juice during the month reduces the level of OX by 20% from the initial indicator. Diabetics during juice treatment should constantly monitor blood sugar.
  2. Lemon contains a lot of ascorbic acid, accelerates metabolic processes, improves lipid metabolism, promotes the active burning of subcutaneous fatty tissue, which is important in type 2 diabetes. At 250 ml of pure water, add a quarter lemon juice, taken twice a day. Duration of treatment is 30-45 days.

Therapy with juices has contraindications. These include hyperacid gastritis, exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis, ulcerative lesions of the stomach / intestines, diabetes mellitus in the stage of decompensation.

Tincture of Japanese Sophora fruit and mistletoe grass cleans blood vessels from cholesterol very effectively.

Grind 100 g of Sophora fruit and mistletoe grass, pour 1 l of vodka, insist in a dark place for three weeks, strain. Drink 1 tsp. three times a day, half an hour before meals, until the tincture is complete. It improves cerebral circulation, treats hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, reduces capillary fragility (especially the brain vessels), and cleans the blood vessels. Tincture of mistletoe with Japanese Sophora very carefully cleans the vessels, preventing their blockage. Mistletoe removes inorganic deposits (salts of heavy metals, slags, radionuclides), Sophora - organic (cholesterol).

How to reduce blood cholesterol by exercise

Physical activity is one of the most effective ways to normalize the ratio of high and low density lipoproteins. Sports stimulate metabolic processes, saturate the body with oxygen, increase vascular tone. In addition, reducing body fat directly affects the concentration of lipophilic alcohol in the blood.

You do not need to become a professional athlete to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood and improve your health - there will be enough 30-minute daily workouts, at least 5 times a week. The result will be noticeable after a month: practice shows that after this period the concentration of low-density lipoprotein decreases by an average of 10%.

To lower blood cholesterol by using the following types of physical activity:

  • running (assuming the joints are healthy and overweight is absent)
  • walking race
  • Tennis and other outdoor games,
  • bicycle riding,
  • swimming.

The latter sport, by the way, has no contraindications and can be practiced with excess weight, and with problems with the locomotor system. It should be noted that physical activity helps both to reduce cholesterol in the blood and to cope with one of the factors for its increase - stress. Regular exercise improves mood, promotes discipline. In addition to special activities, you need to use any opportunity for movement: to go up the stairs on foot, rather than on an elevator, walk instead of riding on public transport, walk more.

Olive oil

Each tablespoon of good olive oil enriches your food with 22 milligrams of phytosterols. If you replace all animal fat used in cooking with olive oil, you can reduce the level of LDL in the blood by 18%.And unrefined olive oil also has a positive effect on the state of the endothelium, healing minor injuries inside the vessels and preventing the formation of cholesterol plaques.

Golden mustache (Kallisia fragrant) will lower cholesterol.

To prepare the infusion of golden whiskers, cut a leaf 20 cm long, pour 1 liter of boiling water and, wrapped, insist 24 hours. The infusion is stored at room temperature in a dark place. Take infusion of 1 tbsp. l before meals 3 times a day for three months. Then check your blood. Cholesterol, even from high numbers will drop to normal. This infusion reduces blood sugar, resolves cysts in the kidneys, and normalizes liver function tests.

Khel from jaundice to bring out the "bad" cholesterol.

Kvass recipe (author Bolotov). 50 g of dry crushed grass of the yellow tree put in a gauze bag, attach a small weight to it and pour 3 liters of cooled boiled water. Add 1 tbsp. sugar and 1 tsp sour cream. Put in a warm place, stir daily. Two weeks later, kvass is ready. Drink healing medicine for 0.5 st. three times a day for 30 minutes before meals. Each time, fill the vessel with kvass with the missing amount of water from 1 tsp. Sahara. Already after a month's course of treatment, it is possible to pass tests and make sure that the “bad” cholesterol has decreased significantly. Memory improves, tearfulness and touchiness disappear, noise in the head disappears, pressure gradually stabilizes. Of course, during treatment it is desirable to reduce the consumption of animal fats. Preference to give raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, cereals, vegetable oils.

So that your cholesterol is always normal, you need to drink a course of treatment with such a cholesterol cocktail once a year:

fresh juice of 1 kg of lemons mixed with 200 g of gruel of garlic, insist in a cold dark place for 3 days and drink every day 1 tablespoon, diluted in water. For the course drink all cooked. Problems with cholesterol, believe me, will not be!

It is scientifically proven that vitamin C contained in lemon and garlic phytoncides effectively neutralize harmful cholesterol and remove it from the body.

Prevention of high cholesterol

For the prevention of cholesterol deposits on the walls of blood vessels, it is necessary to correct your diet. A lot of cholesterol in red meat and butter, as well as in shrimps, lobsters and other armored animals. Least cholesterol in ocean fish and mollusks. In addition, they contain substances that promote the elimination of cholesterol from cells, including cells of internal organs. The use of large quantities of fish and vegetables reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and is the prevention of obesity and cardiovascular diseases - the main cause of mortality of the civilized population.

In order to control cholesterol, you need to do a special blood test every six months. The normal level of "harmful" cholesterol ranges from 4-5.2 mmol / l. If the level is higher, then you need to consult a doctor.

Fatty Fish

The main supplier of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids to our table is oily ocean fish (salmon, halibut, keta, sardine, mackerel, sockeye). The only drawback of this category of food is the high cost due to difficulties with prey and breeding. Salmon and salmon contain the largest amount of omega-3, while in them the smallest among marine fish content of heavy metals, in particular, mercury. But such valuable breeds are regularly caught by poachers, and reluctant to spawn in artificial ponds. That is why red fish is so expensive, but if the budget allows, you should definitely buy and eat this useful product.

Fish fried in a pan with fat, loses almost all useful properties, and even becomes harmful. To preserve precious omega-3 fatty acids, it must be baked in foil or steamed.It is also not recommended to heat the fish (and any other products) in the microwave, because microwaves destroy the cellular structure of food.

Fruits and berries blue, purple and red

The red, purple and blue color of the fruit indicates the content of polyphenols in them, and these natural substances naturally regulate the lipid balance of the blood, stimulating the production of good cholesterol by the liver and removing bad cholesterol from the blood vessels. If you consume 150 grams of berry puree or juice daily for at least two months, you can increase the level of HDL cholesterol by 5%. Raspberries, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, blueberries, currants, red grapes and especially cranberries, which in addition to polyphenols contain a large amount of an antioxidant, vitamin C, are very useful in this regard. from cancer.

Absolutely all fruits and berries of red, burgundy, purple, blue and gray colors contain useful polyphenols that regulate cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Therefore, to add such fruits and berries to your diet is necessary for all people with poor lipid blood tests.

Whole grains and oatmeal

If you have a high level of bad cholesterol, the first thing to do is to refuse white bread sandwiches and buns for breakfast. Instead, it is better to use cereals, muesli, whole grain cereals and oatmeal, so you will enrich the body with fiber and contribute to the removal of LDL from the body through the intestines. All uncooked cereals are useful: buckwheat, wheat, oats, rye, millet, wild rice. And refining removes valuable fiber from them, leaving only carbohydrates. Germinated grains are also good because they contain a lot of fatty acids, which increase the level of HDL. Muesli with nuts are ideal for breakfast for the same reason.

A group of students at one of the American medical universities for four weeks replaced their usual breakfast with two oat bran buns. As a result, the level of LDL in their blood decreased by 5.3%. Another study was conducted with the participation of two groups of people: the first simply followed a healthy diet with low cholesterol, and the second received 2.3 cups of oatmeal each. As a result, it turned out that oatmeal accelerates the normalization of blood lipid balance by 20%.

Corn grain is less calorie compared to other cereals - 100 g contains only 97 kcal. There is no cholesterol in them, but there is a lot of fiber, vitamins and microelements, in addition, corn is one of the most delicious cereals, therefore modern American nutritionists actively promote the regular use of corn flakes, bread and cereals. This allows you to reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood no less effective than with the help of rolled oats or wheat.


This substance is obtained from sugar cane and sold in health food stores and pharmacies in the form of a dietary supplement. Policosanol not only reduces the level of LDL, but also prevents blood clots, suppresses appetite, helps to lose weight and normalize blood pressure.

Cholesterol-lowering remedies

Various sources provide many ways to help clear blood vessels from cholesterol plaques. The methods are effective for men and women. If you follow all recommendations for therapy, then you will not have to take pills.

Well-proven garlic brew. Vegetable quickly and effectively reduces the concentration of lipids in the body of a diabetic. Also, the infusion helps to prevent blood sugar jumps.

Cut a few cloves of garlic, pour 250 ml of plain water. Mixture insist a few hours. Take three times a day, dosage 15 ml. Reception is carried out after a meal. The duration of treatment is from three months.

Folk remedies do work, but due to their mild impact, the result is not immediately visible. Reviews indicate that lowering cholesterol occurs after 1.5-2 months of treatment.

Garlic-based garlic oil can be prepared. Chop 50 g of garlic and pour 250 ml of olive oil. Insist in a dark place for two weeks. Take a teaspoon 30 minutes before a meal. The multiplicity - twice a day. You can add to various salads and other dishes. The tool helps to reduce LDL, normalizes the digestive tract. Overdose has a laxative effect.

Recipes of folk remedies:

  • Dried linden blossoms to grind to a state of powder. This will help coffee grinder. Take a teaspoon three times a day. Allowed to drink a small amount of clean water. Linden powder in diabetes normalizes cholesterol level, reduces appetite,
  • Decoction based on licorice. The dried root of the plant is ground. In 500 ml of water add 40-45 g of the root. Brain on a small light for 30 minutes. Cool it down. Take 60 ml three times a day after meals. Medical course 21 laziness. Then a month break, repeat in the same dosage,
  • Grind 20 g of garlic, pour 200 ml of vodka. Insist 3 weeks. Take 20 drops in the morning on an empty stomach. Admission is carried out within three months,
  • Infusion with clover. Take 40 g of flowers of the plant (dry) and pour 400 ml of water, simmer in a water bath for 20 minutes. Insist 1 day, filter. Take 40 ml before meals once a day. The treatment lasts 3 weeks. Drink infusion in the form of heat, always warm up before consumption.

An effective remedy for bad cholesterol is a medicinal tea based on the collection of herbs. It is necessary to mix in equal proportions coltsfoot, St. John's wort and horsetail, fennel seeds, strawberry leaves. 250 ml of water take 20 g of the components in the form of a mixture. Fill with water 70-80 degrees, insist two hours. Drink 70 ml before meals once a day. Therapy lasts two months, after a 2-month break, repeat.

How to stabilize the level of cholesterol in the blood will tell an expert in the video in this article.

Beans and soybeans

All legumes (peas, beans, soybeans, beans, lentils) are rich in fiber, which we need to remove bad cholesterol through the intestines. But the advantage of beans over grain is the content of easily digestible vegetable proteins. For people with high levels of LDL, doctors recommend replacing red meats with legumes. You can also diversify your diet with original Asian foods - miso, tofu and tepme, made from fermented soybeans.

Legumes are also a valuable source of soluble plant fibers, otherwise called prebiotics (oligosaccharides, inulin). These substances reduce the deposition of lipids in the liver, reduce the level of triglycerides in the blood and contribute to the reproduction in the body of another useful group of substances - probiotics. For example, such probiotics as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria successfully feed on the fermentation products of prebiotics inulin and oligofructose in the intestine, at the same time reducing the level of LDL cholesterol by 5-8% and increasing the level of HDL cholesterol by 25%.

Only two juicy carrots a day, and in a few months the level of LDL in your blood will decrease by 10-20%. And about the benefits of carotene, which is rich in carrots, and needless to remind.

Regular garlic is the most effective aid in the fight against bad cholesterol, as this vegetable contains the most natural statins. It is rich in garlic and phytoncides, natural antibiotics, so its use is useful from any point of view. Garlic has only two drawbacks: a specific aroma, because of which many people simply do not like this product, and an aggressive effect on the mucous membrane of the digestive tract, which is why garlic is not recommended for gastroenterologists.

Red fermented rice

The by-product of fermentation of red rice - monacolin K - effectively reduces triglyceride levels, therefore lovers of Asian cuisine find themselves in an advantageous position. Red fermented rice is used in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions of Southeast Asia as a flavoring and food coloring, but in some European countries this product is prohibited from being imported, so it is difficult to get it.

White cabbage

That's what kind of product you can easily enrich your diet, so this is everyone's favorite white cabbage. Both fresh cabbage juice and dietary dishes from cabbage perfectly remove excess cholesterol from the body, so doctors recommend eating at least one hundred grams of fresh, stewed or sauerkraut every day. This vegetable is rich in fiber and vitamins, and the organic acids contained in it gently clean the blood vessels from the inside.

Commiphora mucul and turmeric

Not only South Asian, but also some Arab traditional products effectively reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. The myrtle plant, also known by the ethnic names Guggul and Commiphora muculum, contains natural resins that perfectly clean the vessels of cholesterol plaques. But the name "turmeric" is probably familiar to you - this fragrant spice is added to the pilaf, and the curcumin dye of the same name is obtained from it, with which the products (butter, mayonnaise) are given a delicious yellowish color. Turmeric is a powerful natural antibiotic and a cholesterol vascular cleaner.

Fresh greens

As part of any fresh herbs - dill, parsley, celery, spinach, beet tops, lettuce - a lot of fiber, as well as lutein, carotenoids and organic acids, cleansing the walls of blood vessels from accumulated fat deposits. That is why, for example, in the North Caucasus, where greens are an integral part of traditional cuisine, people are famous for their enviable health, harmony and longevity.

Conclusion and sample menu

So, to reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol, and increase the level of "good", you need to make several useful changes to your diet:

Refuse bread and white flour confectionery in favor of flakes, bran and bakery products made from unprocessed grains, and also enrich your diet with nuts, seeds and legumes instead of fatty meats and sausages,

Regularly use healthy vegetables, fruits, berries and fresh greens, drink fresh juices, use honey instead of white sugar,

At least once a week, serve as a main dish to serve oily ocean fish cooked in an oven or a double boiler,

Stop smoking (if you smoke) and limit alcohol consumption to a glass of dry red wine a day. Grapes contain resveratrol, natural phytoalexin, which effectively reduces the level of LDL in the blood,

Start taking fish oil, coenzyme Q 10, magnesium or vitamin D3, depending on the results of tests and the instructions of the doctor.

An example of the anti-cholesterol menu for one day:

Breakfast: a portion of oatmeal, wild rice or any other cereal with olive oil, omelette from two egg whites, a cup of green tea or chicory coffee drink with honey, oatmeal cookies or a couple of whole grain cereals.

The second breakfast: two or three of any fruit or a glass of berries, a cup of broth hips, bread or oatmeal cookies.

Lunch: a portion of vegetable soup from cabbage, beans, green peas or lentils, a piece of baked fish with vegetable salad, a glass of freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice, whole grain bread.

Lunch: a portion of carrot salad and cabbage with olive oil or a couple of any fruit.

Dinner: a baked piece of chicken fillet, veal or turkey with a side dish of vegetables or mashed potatoes, a portion of cottage cheese with fruits or berries, a cup of green tea with honey, oatmeal cookies or bread.

Before bed: a glass of kefir or yogurt.

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Education: Diploma RSMU them. N. I. Pirogov, specialty "General Medicine" (2004). Residency at the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, diploma in "Endocrinology" (2006).

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Doctors talk about increasing the level of cholesterol in the blood, when the figures exceed the norm by more than a third. In healthy people, cholesterol should be less than 5.0 mmol / l (in more detail you can find out here: blood cholesterol rate by age). However, it is dangerous.

Few people really know what cholesterol is. However, ignorance does not prevent the majority from considering it as an extremely harmful and dangerous for health substance. Cholesterol is a fatty alcohol. In both domestic and foreign medical practice, a different name for the substance, “cholesterol,” is also used.

What is this coefficient? At the general, household level, everyone knows that there is “bad” (or LDL-cholesterol) and “good” (HDL-cholesterol) cholesterol. The complex molecules of good cholesterol are too large to be absorbed into the tissue they are.

Cholesterol is a highly controversial chemical compound. By nature, this organic matter is alcohol. Most of the cholesterol is produced by the human body (the liver, almost 75%) and comes in small amounts from food: fatty meats, etc. (about 25%). By itself, cholesterol is not "bad" and not "good." On the one hand, this substance is involved in.

Descriptions of most of the statins contain information indicating the beneficial properties of drugs. Reducing the risk of heart disease, the normalization of cholesterol, prevention of heart attack - all these effects provide the funds of this pharmacological group, if.

With elevated cholesterol is very difficult to comply with the usual regime that you observe before the disease. It is necessary to observe a certain diet, look for products that contain special substances. Meanwhile, such products are very expensive. Medicines are not cheap, either.

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